The Tally Ho Pledge

This forum post has been prepared by @KeenanL and @whatt4, as driven by @arhat, to convey and bring forward a suggested signal proposal surrounding the recently launched “Tally Ho Community Pledge”. This initiative stands for privacy and decentralization through community participation and an agreeance on various essential values. Tally Ho has reached out to the DXdao community, in light of recent events and our strong vision alignment, to garner further support for its community pledge.

The pledge highlights three key values that are very similar to DXdao’s vision. It also goes into deeper detail surrounding the protection of rights and decentralization of wallet infrastructure.

But wait, what’s going on? Why is this initiative necessary? Read on for some context:

There is a lot going on in the Web3 space today regarding censorship. Since the U.S. Treasury Sanctioned Tornado Cash and the arrest of Tornado Developer Pertsev, discussion on the subject of censorship and decentralization has been rampant and visible all over the web, especially with The Merge fast approaching. Some are even saying that “Ethereum is under attack and it’s not clear if it will survive.”

Regardless, organizations all over the globe are discussing the subject and while some are quietly protesting, other more prominent players are taking a stronger stance. No matter what the intensity of your stance is right now, it is clear that everyone in the Web3 space needs to make their voice heard, however quiet it might be.

Following the discussion leading up to the DXdao “Code is Speech” tweet, we felt it only fitting to coordinate on a community level and prepare a signal proposal to indicate our alignment and commitment to true Web3 decentralization and privacy.

We invite the DXdao community to participate in this pledge at an individual level (there are rumors of an airdrop associated if that’s what’s needed to kick your voice into gear). More importantly, following any discussion in this forum thread, a signal proposal recapping the above will be submitted to DXdao’s Gnosis Chain base that would indicate DXdao taking this pledge. The values represented in the pledge are very aligned with DXdao; we should do our part as an organization to signal support for initiatives that support our vision.

You can find a link to the pledge here.



This has been brought to a signal proposal on Gnosis Chain and is pending boosting.

Once boosted, please vote! Would be great to get support from the community on this one. Cheers!