The Semi-Sovereign DAO -- A State within an Estate

This DAO attempts to orchestrate the acquisition and management of the Land, Tools and Work required to create and operate a series of permaculture-based private cities.

Potential members buy subscriptions of future products by paying with traditional money or with a commitment to work in the future.

These subscriptions are meant to achieve all “Public Works” within the city, including many goods and services not usually supplied by a government such as food and housing.

Instead of taxes and votes, each citizen just funds the production they want and ignores the rest.

The DAO checks local prices for the Land, Tools and Work required to establish that production then issues and auctions Non-Fungible Tokens representing For Product ownership in the Land and Tools (such as land, water-rights, hives, tools, bees, etc.).

Each token also represent that future product at a projected quality and rate (such as “One Pint of AA honey each month”).

Some tokens are sold for “traditional money” to purchase the Land and Tools.

The rest are sold to Workers who commit to achieve that future production.

Dependence on outside funds is decreased as vertical-integration and circular production systems are established.


@patrick, I’m working on something in this realm and would be excited to speak about cooperation. Can we set up a time to speak? Will you be at Berlin Blockchain week?

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Hi Grace,

I watched some of your videos and agree we should work together.

I won’t be at Berlin Blockchain. Maybe we could connect by phone or video chat.

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