The Codeless Conduct Hackathon Recap

The Codeless Conduct Hackathon has ended and was a huge success for the DXdao community. The Hackathon, which ran from 23rd of February to the 11th of March, drew in an enormous crowd of over 1200 participants that submitted over 620 projects. The closing ceremony was held on the 12th of March and DXdao, as a sponsor, was represented by Chris Powers.

For those unfamiliar with the Codeless Conduct Hackathon, this was a first-of-its-kind hackathon that did not involve coding and was aimed at drawing in and engaging a non-technical crowd. Codeless Conduct hosted this hackathon in conjunction with Gitcoin and had participants “hack” on everything from memes to marketing strategies to videos. DXdao governance passed a proposal for a $3k Codeless Hackathon sponsorship. As part of this sponsorship, DXdao offered three bounties:

  1. Create a series of DXdao “Real Governance” Memes - bounty of $350.
  2. Tokenomics Proposal for Swapr (or other tokens) - bounty of $500.
  3. Video Explainer for Holographic Consensus, Reputation systems, DXdao’s multi-chain bases, or ENS - bounty of $1000.

DXdao received 11 entries with 7 submissions in the meme category, 3 entries with 2 submissions in the tokenomics category and 4 entries with 4 submissions in the video category. Upon review of the submissions, the following winners were announced:

  1. A series of DXdao “Real Governance” Memes, $350 Bounty
    Winner: @tap

A small example of the memes :smile:
See the full meme collection here: GitHub - TapTT/DXDAO-Hackathon

  1. Tokenomics Proposal for Swapr, $500 Bounty
    Winner: @coolt for “swipswap”

The winning contestant came up with an interesting suggestion for an enhanced tokenomics design, introducing a multi-token model.

See the full submission here: swipswap/SWAPR Governance Token Enhancement Proposal (1).pdf at main · cryptotwilight/swipswap · GitHub

  1. In the video category unfortunately there was no bounty awarded. This was due to the fact that none of the entries fully captured the essence of how DXdao governance works and in some cases were incorrect or misleading.

The Codeless Conduct Hackathon was a great opportunity for DXdao to garner additional exposure and awareness within the DAO space, and more specifically within the non-technical web3 community.

As DXdao contributor Chris Powers said during the closing ceremony: “It was great to engage with people from all over the world. Sometimes web3 can feel like this big anonymous community, but working directly with the hackers and experiencing their views on decentralization and DXdao makes web3 feel more personal”