The Builder Collective intro

Hello to the wider DAO community!

This is an introduction to the builder collective, a WIP cooperative (DAO) we are piloting. Would love to get the DAOtalk community to participate and give feedback on it.

TL:DR: revenue generating cooperative (DAO) that runs hackathons. The more you participate and contribute, the more voting power you have within the system to vote on hackathon winners, decide profit allocation, and general DAO decisions. Check out the Builder cooperative website for more info

buildercollective 256x256 The Builder Collective

The builder collective is a digital coop (DAO) run by a community of developers, designers, and other hackers that own and operate an online hackathon platform and innovation lab. Think of it like a cooperatively-owned dev shop where the more you participate or contribute, the more ownership you have in the organization.

Sponsors come in and create hacking “competitions” in the platform with a prize pool, from which the cooperative takes a fee. The hackers build ideas and projects based on the competition guidelines, just like in a hackathon, and then select the best submissions to win money from the prize pool. The sponsor also has influence but the key idea here is that the cooperative provides both services: building lots of innovative ideas and selecting the best ones for the sponsor’s purposes.

This can work because, if balanced properly, the hackers with the largest ownership shares in the cooperative have a strong incentive to give prizes to the actual best projects, since they gain from the cooperative long-term success.

The cooperative would need to award ownership stake to participants carefully and share some revenue proportionally with all owners to continue and incentivize participation.

Why would a developer participate?

First off, they can get money and notoriety for winning competitions! Beyond that, they’ll gain ownership of the platform, giving them long-term stability if the idea works well, and they’ll get the freedom to express themselves in their hacks, something we don’t get much in our existing work lives.

Why would a company sponsor?

innovation focused development is difficult in organizations. This allow for direct fund deployment to the team doing the work, with no middlemen and in a fully transparent process.

The upcoming event is SoS Hackathon with CryptoChicks.

Developing ideas and solution to heal the world Post COVID19. There are several hundred registrations and people from all over the world.
The opening ceremony will have Vitalik and Ben Goertzel speaking about what they think is the future of startups and innovation in the post COVID world. Come and join, participate, contribute!

The platform is essentially open and anyone can propose a “Competition” and a budget, if the DAO approves the “hackathon opens up”

What I am using for this:

Competition contract (Best M of N). This is a process allows for additional decision making to the Yes/No proposal process in the form of picking the Best N submissions.
Step 1: Does the DAO want to run this competition with said parameters? if DAO votes yes:
Step 2: Open up a competition with the said parameters (In addition to the funds allocated)

  • Number of winners (eg. 4)
  • Distribution to those winners (eg, 30,30,20,20 or 25,25,25,25, has to equal 100)
  • Number of times a DAO member can vote
  • Submission start time
  • Submission End time + Voting start time
  • End time, which resolves

SourceCred and other Discord ranking bots

The goal is to create a ranking of participation inside the Discord server, and give those who contribute in these social channels, more voting rights in the DAO.

Abstracting the blockchain

  • xDAI - POA network so transactions won’t cost $0.50
  • - MPC using oAuth (google, fb, discord, etc)
  • Biconomy for gasless transactions

Ok no more shilling, I’m on telegram,, here, or you can find me in the Discord server for the project
Feel free to ask questions, give feedback, or even tell me this is a bad idea.


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Great to see this initiative coming to life as a direct continuation of important missions from the DAO space. This is important for GenDAO to support the Builders Collective and become a proactive stakeholder.