Teem meeting agenda 19.11.2020, 6.30 pm CET

Team meeting agenda 19.11.2020, 6.30 pm CET

  1. Nextcloud and Jitsi update / create an image with the config? / arik
    • Jitsi new server achieved better connection with no drops
    • Nextcloud need to play with it, decide what is needed: filesharing, email, google docs
  2. Alpress crawler / possible to automate in future no need at this stage / neiman
  3. Guide to the Alpress membership / meeting planned in during the weekend to discuss the publisher rank, reputation decay / nylon, neiman and mdt
  4. Alpress update - mdt to continue next week showing a qucik presentation to what is already done
  5. Look into a motto for the Alpress main page / new terminology is a bad choice / focus on more traditional wording / what people know to get the platform easily understood / kris


  1. Search engine status / mdt & neiman
  2. Blog post for devs update / eyal & mdt
  3. Skynet / how to implement with Alpress? / what are the benefits? / variate is good but needs the incentive to include in Alpress, ask Skynet to advise how it would benefit Alpress / neiman
  4. European Commission Crypto policy / kris
  5. DAO blog post / document describing how it works / to be completed after testnet
  6. Own ethereum node / instead of relying on Infura / needed for mainnet in Q1 2021 / arik
  7. Fundraising Curve / what we want to achieve? / give incentives for tokens to people who contribute / buy early / what happens in the long term? / 2-3 scenarios to be put in place to discuss with better understanding & more in-depth level / eyal + eylon
  8. XDai+ENS Layer 2 proposal / eylon
  9. Project tracking / long term scope / kris
  10. Twitter semi-automatic tool for tweeting ENS addresses / emre
  11. Description for the handle, what it is for and how to choose / kris
  12. How it works page / kris