Team meetup minutes

Team meeting 02/08/20, 7 pm

  1. MVP update, UI/UX - Mdt? - core features are all connected and in general are working ok, installation in progress
  2. Next meeting focus on marketing due to holiday breaks
  3. Blog system time frame proposal: second half of the September: fundraising, mid-October kickstart.
  4. DX DAO - how did they do it? Sell security, had a forum, had weekly calls, all the rules were described, what is the DAO, token economics etc.
  5. Eylon to open our DAO forum to have communities talk, be more open, place for people to ask questions, blog posts if we have any proposals. We can do weekly calls. kris and Eyal to kickstart.

Team meeting 03/08, 6.30pm

  1. Money for development, incentivise for the community
  2. Funds Mapping process:
    A. development of the project->decentralized blogging system->MVP/continue developing->onboarding the community
    B. remaining funds will be spend on the maintenance of the search engine and the extension (?)
  3. Objective - To create the self-sustaining organisation -> already working for a year -> using own capital -> need money to get there.
  4. Goals: - To lunch the blog system
    • Governance platform for the blog system
    • 100 DAO members
    • 10 organizations are regularly posting
    • 20 individuals who are regularly posting
  5. Roles:
    • kris - Lead Operations (20h p/w)
    • eyal - Lead Product (40h p/w)
    • mdt - Lead Dev (20h p/w)
  6. We estimed cost of $43K for 3 months this is based on:
    33 K to finish the blog system
    10K to onboard users on it (bounties for devs, 10 DAOs publishing and 100 DAO members)
  7. Eyal - create a list for blog name and logo suggestions, put few words reasoning the choice

Team meeting 09/08/2020 6 pm

  1. next week focus: EF application
  2. eylon: to contact DX DAO to collaborating with the DX DAO giving reputation to DAO members
  3. kris: plan operating budget, form/gant chart?
  4. eyal: to post a proposal to DAO how much tokens we should use?
  5. eylon: product development: list 10 outlets for onboarding and individuals, marketing: incentive ideas: 4chan,
  6. mdt: to review technical draft of the blog system send by eyal
  7. eyal: to break down the Blog system to 3-4 parts and open forum for each of the topics at the
  8. eylon: lunching of test DAO, try using it and posting feedback this week
  9. car park next week: mdt+eyal+kris to discuss how/what to organise internal documents for, passwords, using ftp of the servers, wallets, expenses etc.