Team meeting agenda 19.01.2021, 7.00 pm CET

Team meeting agenda 19.01.2021, 7.00 pm CET

  1. Alpress development update - mdt
    a) 2nd release for testers (feedback) - postponed to next Thursday (21.01) to clear one fundamental issue:

    • font asset issues
      b) 1st release for users (users publish an article on mainnet)
    • upgrade now can cause loss of data for created accounts, need to be fixed before release
    • meeting between eyal and mdt to chat on Fridday when the issue can be cleared / Almonit blog move ready next meeting (26 Feb)
  2. DXDAO propsal update - eyal and nylon

  3. Recruitment support update - kris

  4. GITCOIN update - issue with lost funds - neiman

    • follow up with the GITCON team to re-store balance - nylon
  5. Project tracking review - kris

  6. Share button functionality both in desktop and mobile versions - emre

  7. Dynamic OG tags (open graph) for articles to social media etc. other sharing platforms can read information about the shared article and show a summary - - emre