Team Meeting Agenda, 15.10.2020, 6.45 CET

Team Meeting AGENDA, 15.10.2020, 6.45 pm CET

  1. Alpress Testnet deployment process is tested with an incomplete basic version / still some bugs / waiting for a stable version / share with DXDAO network / mdt
    • push the dlog to the public server / mdt
    • work on improving the UX /eylon and eyal
  2. dxDAO meeting summary / eylon
    • main steps would be to get Alpress version out to allow dxdao to test next,
    • make a blog post on the dx dao forum outlingin what it is and how it works
    • post information are we going to ask for fund raising?
  3. new extension release / small bugs to fix / dealine next monday / eyal
  4. search engine / metamask code should be updated due to code doesn’t work / postponed to next week / mdt
  5. nextcloud / upgrade the server due to lack of RAM / start a new server for testing / login credentials posted on the group channel / feedback arik if works ok / applicable to aLL
  6. Fundraising Curve
    • what we want to achieve? / give incentives for tokens to people who contribute / buy early / what happenes in the long term? / 2-3 scenarios to be put in place to discuss with better understanding & on more indepth level / eyal
  7. almonit calendar / project tracking / completed still some work to be done / kris
  8. submiting proposal for September compensation / please vote / all
  9. xdai / can we deploy on xdai instead of ethereum / can we govern ENS domains? / plan a meeting with xdai /eylon


  1. Skynet / how to implement with Alpress? / next week
  2. DAO blog post / document describing how it works / to be completed after testnet
  3. blog post for developers support + updates / eyal & mdt
  4. make team meetings public / announcement / post Team agenda and link to meetings on Twitter and Telegram / kris
  5. own ethereum node / instead of relying on Infura / next week arik
  6. look into new crypto policy / european commision next week kris
  7. meeting adjourned 19:45