Team meeting Agenda 08.11.2020, 7 pm CET

Team meeting 08.11.2020, 7 pm CET

  1. Welcome Emre - new Almonit member
  2. EF application update / kris
  3. Alpress development progress / mdt + eyal
  • create a list of minimum things of what is expected to finish Alpress testnet
  1. DAO and monthly proposals issues / kris
  • after proposal inform on the Element group / Telegream chat to stake
  • bot works ok sending remionders about DAO compensation proposals on Telegram / notification also via email
  1. search engine / ready to be published this week / mdt
  2. project tracking / calendar / work in progress / kris
  3. blog post for developers to be published this week / eyal & mdt
  4. create semi-automatic tool for tweeting ENS addresses / help with marketing for new websites / emre


  1. Skynet / how to implement with Alpress? / postponed until further decided due to other priorities and lack of time
  2. DAO blog post / document describing how it works / to be completed after testnet
  3. own ethereum node / instead of relying on Infura / best stand alone / needed for main net in Q1 2021 / arik to discuss with Paul.
  4. look into new crypto policy / european commision to be completed this week / kris
  5. Fundraising Curve / what we want to achieve? / give incentives for tokens to people who contribute / buy early / what happens in the long term? / 2-3 scenarios to be put in place to discuss with better understanding & more in-depth level / eyal or eylon
  6. xDai+ENS Layer 2 proposal / eylon
  7. Next cloud and Jutsi could work together on one more powerful server / arik to examine if we can do that.
    • also feedback arik about collaborating documents in real-time by multiple users