Team meeting 08.10.2020 6.30 pm CET, sorry for delay :)

Team meeting 08.10.2020, 6.30 pm CET

  1. High Priority 1: Alpress deploymnet on testnet / article deployed on IPFS to be relesed next monday
  2. High Priority 2: Alpress DXdao integration / 10-15 mil/decentralized/looking for decentralized blog/want to use the platform/thinking of building/ meeting to disscuss it on weekly dx dao
  3. library server (article pinning service for Alpress and draft service for Alpress)
  4. draft system
  5. Nextcloud / Arik - we need to upgrate the server/not enough RAM/
  6. calendar for updates
  7. DAO proposals for compensation: Not sure if it would work? Perhaps we could employ a system that currently works in any other company. a person responsible for making proposals e.g. on someone’s behalf / HR body / responsibility to gather information from the team and make a single collective proposal for all members / if not doable then separate for each member. / kris
    • alternative approach / automating the process / matrix bot or telegram bot / reminders send in the first week / eylon
    • instal calendar on almonit server / arik
    • create a proposal on behalf of sb else do it in November / kris
      CAR PARK:
  8. Skynet / how to implement with Alpress
  9. DAO blog/document describing how it works
  10. New extension release
  11. search engine start work in the second half of the month
  12. a blog post for developers support + updates
  13. make team meetings public / announcement
  14. own ethereum node / instead of relying on Infura / arik + eyal
  15. look into new crypto policy / European Commision kris
  16. meeting adjourned 7pm