Team meeting 04.01.2021 19.30 CET - Almonit January plan proposal

Almonit January plan proposal put up together by neiman

Below is a proposal for Almonit January plan.

What is missing? What is not needed? Which dates are not realistic? Let’s make a realistic plan!

Once we agree on a plan I propose that Kris would be the one synchronizing it: see that things happen on time, and adjust the moving parts if they’re not.

Alpress publication system

  1. Fix bugs (4-15 January)
  2. Second testing reound (15-26 January)
  3. Add support for organization account (15-22 January) ( tentively )
  4. Add upgrade/migration option: when upgrading Alpress version now all old blogs stop working (15-22 January)
  5. Find 2-3 users who publish real artciles with Alpress. This one is important. We assume that there is a big appetite for creating dWebsite blogs. However, none of the testers actually tried to publish a real article and put it on their mainnet ENS. Since it’s already possible to create real dWebsite with Alpress (like I did with http://testpress.eth), then if such a big appetite exists, we should be able to find at least 2-3 real users already. This would both validate our assumption, let us tune Alpress to real users, and give us feedback of people who really use it. (15-26 January)
  6. Which other missing Alpress features before first version can be put on Mainnet? I’m not sure what they are, let’s discuss (20 Jan-1st February)
  7. Design Alpress blog (dates unknown yet)
  8. Create gateway for Alpress in the style of (4 Jan-1st Feb)

Alpress DAO

  1. Publish a series of articles about self-governing organizations and Alpress DAO (4-26 Jan)
  2. Adjust daostack DAO for Alpress in Testnet (12 Jan-1st Feb)

Search Engine

  1. Upgrade version (4-11 Jan)
  2. Weekly promotion thread (all month)


  1. DXdao financial support request (12-19 January)
  2. Investors (from 26 Jan, once articles about tokens are published)


  1. find more people who can get compensated in testnet tokens: designer, developer (11-till the end of the month)
  2. Weekly meeting at Tuesday, 19:00 CET , with a pinned message on Telegram inviting people to join.