Team Meeting 01.10.2020, 7.30 pm CET

Team meeting 01.10.2020, 6.30 pm CET

  1. Alpress Testnet update: Eyal to check if it is working ok and provide support to debug mdt code
  2. Alpress draft mechanism: car parked to next week
  3. Xdai / information obtained during the ENS call/ we can ask for contract information and test how it works with alpress / plan meeting with xdai to discuss the process / eylon
  4. Plan to release new Almonit browser extension for Goole Chrome, Brave etc. scheduled for next week!
  5. Search engine update: car parked for the second half of the month / mdt
  6. Jitsi video calls: installation on Almonit servers - ok! test during the meeting works ok / arik
  7. Calendar for updates and goals / kris
  8. Sia - Skynet / look at how to implement skynet to alpress / eyal
  9. DAO document / describing how it works / soon to be published / eyal and eylon
  10. DAO proposals for compensation / automating the process / matrix bot or telegram bot / send reminders to founders to complete proposal in the first week / instal calendar on almonit servers / arik
  11. Publish meeting agendas on weekly basis before the call / kris
  12. Blog post to write developer support and the updates the extension and features/eyal
  13. Agreed to make team meetings public / annoucement to be made on Twitter and telegram channel
  14. meeting adjurned at 7.35 pm