Task Management for the DXdao

Premise: On having had several weeks of meetings, people have been coming up with amazing ideas on these calls, and ending with solid action items to pursue thereafter.

Problem: What is missing is a way to stay updated on such action items, know who is taking responsibility for these action items, and the end results. Some tasks are left vacant and/or forgotten.

How can we streamline all of our good ideas and tasks on a single, easy-to-read interface so that we’re all on the same page when it comes to our multiple projects? How can we implement this immediately to boost productivity?

Scenario: user “0x2ac67” missed the Bizdev call last Friday. Checks the Task Management interface, sees “reach out to The LAO and ask about Xyz,” and sees it is “unassigned.” They now assign themself to said task, notifying the task creator that it is being handled. 0x2ac67 reaches out to the LAO on behalf of DXdao, reports details via the Task Management tool. On a Thursday update call, someone asks 0x2ac67 to brief everyone on their task completion and propose next steps.

Result: A person was able to accomplish something for the DXdao without being involved in every conversation. Also, other people were able to view the progress on their own.



  • Good ideas get followed up on, and keeps members in the loop
  • It helps us scale as more members join and ask what we need help with
  • It is a transparent way of showing our progress


  • There is no pure decentralized way to execute it (yet)
  • It adds another communication channel to our list of 5+ communication channels

I’m putting this out there to see if enough of us would use something like this, and which software they would be most open to.


I’d like to suggest colony as a more decentralized alternative to the options that you suggested, @ingalandia.

It obviously suffers from the same issue of being an additional communication channel. This is compounded a little, in Colony’s case, as there is no email notifications (because we don’t collect user email addresses).

But outside of that, Colony should serve nicely for what you need.

EDIT: full disclosure, I work for Colony, so I’m obviously pretty biased :smiley:


Can tasks be created without setting bounties? It may be messy to have a budget that’s separate from the DXdao treasury.


Yes, I also think this is a good idea to manage different tasks. Apart from that, I would love to see a medium which provides a summarized overview of DXdao’s general route of developement, like for example milestones and the current progress in work, estimated release dates, further idea’s which are no tasks but which show the direction of the developement of the DXdao.

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