Tammy Worker Proposal: 3.12.21 - 5.12.21

Time Frame: 03/12/2021 - 05/12/2021, 2 months

Position: Contributor / General Counsel


Since my last worker proposal as @pulpmachina, I’ve taken on some different responsibilities in order to address contractor company formation questions that some of our contributors have. In order to fulfill this need, my partner and I decided to separate our positions for DXdao going forward, which is why this proposal is under my new username @tammy. Also, I switched focus to working with @corkus on OMN guild governance parameters, which has been a lot of fun.

Proposed Responsibilities and Goals:

  • OMN Guild project management assistance (non-tech, maybe this is obvious :slight_smile: ).
  • Contributor assistance in company formation questions.
  • Retention of and coordination with law firm Polsinelli, PC to answer DXdao’s general legal questions. A separate post with more detail on this is coming shortly, and I will provide a link here when posted.
  • Buyback transparency documentation with @powers and @fluiddrop
  • DXVentures assistance. This is a fun new area for DXdao – a true DAO with an on-chain treasury – to explore how we will format contractual agreements for investments, the goal being to make any agreement as automated as possible. I’m looking forward to how we get to experiment here. Thanks @sky for driving this initiative.
  • DXVote assistance in sussing out parameters. @augustol is going to continue work on DXvote now that he has completed some great work on OMN Guild token. I invite others to review and make suggestions for DXVote’s UI and parameters on Github. We’d like to make this project as much as a hive effort as possible.
  • “Contributor UX” assistance. This is our new working name for the HR squad. I will support @Melanie @allyq, and @KeenanL ’s efforts to make contributor information and onboarding as clear and scalable as possible.

Self Evaluation: The following is a self-evaluation on what I’ve done well, okay, and not well.

  • Did Well: I took some time at the beginning of my last work period to closely review other governance practices for various crypto projects. This time was really useful to begin work with the OMN Guild. I’m really happy with the progress we’ve made as a team on this.
  • Did Okay: I’ve started reaching out to contributors regarding company formation, and I’d like to make real progress on this in the coming weeks. I have a couple other folks I need to contact regarding this.
  • Needs Improvement: I’m late on this proposal along with other informative proposals that provide status for how DXdao is doing on its initiatives. I want to plan out more writing this work period to engage the community more on the progress of contributors’ work. There’s a litany of things I’ve missed here, and appreciate any feedback, public or private.


Experience Level: 5

For the past two worker proposals (3 months) I was at level 4 compensation. The logic was that my partner and I believed our experience placed us at a level 5, but we first wanted to prove value at Level 4. This work period, I intend to move up to level 5 given my expanding responsibilities and past experience.

Full-time for total of 40 hours per week, for two months (3.12.21 - 5.12.21):

  • $16,000 (DAI) 50% to be paid once the proposal gets approved and 50% on or after 5/12/2021 when the work agreement finishes.
  • $12,000 (DXD). $6,000 (DXD) vested at 1 year, and $5,000 (DXD) vested after the first year on a linear schedule.
  • 0.3334% REP

I joined DXdao as a part-time contributor as of 12/12/20. Prior to this, I, along with my partner under @pulpmachina, contributed for two (2) months through DAOtalk topic posts, meeting participation, and Keybase / Telegram discussions. See our list of posts here.

In case of any change in the compensation guidelines during this work period, the amounts of the compensation in this proposal will be adjusted to match the latest one from the agreed worker compensation guidelines


12/12/20 - 1/12/21 Worker Proposal

1/12/21 - 3/12/21 Worker Proposal

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tammy-fisher-7497b130/