Tammy Work Proposal 7.13.21 - 9.12.21

Contract Period: 07/13/2021 - 09/12/2021, 2 months

Position: Contributor


Since my last proposal, I have mainly focused on DXventures, Legal and compliance questions for DXdao, and marketing, analytics, and branding work for Omen.

60% Legal and Compliance:

  • Finish work with @amphiboly to publish the blockchain analysis of DXdao’s treasury and REP holder addresses.
  • Complete critique on current state of AML and KYC policies in crypto and DeFi. Jordan and I are preparing a medium article on the subject. We will also be providing a Daotalk post once a publicly shareable version of the blockchain analysis can be shared with the DXdao community. The post will make recommendations on policies DXdao can have to carry through best practices for AML / FATF guidelines.
  • Research and create a proposal for the ideal alternative legal structure formations for DAOs with the help of @fluiddrop.
  • Participate in the LexPunk DAO as a representative of DXdao to support legal advocacy for DeFi and DAOs.
  • Continued contributor assistance with company formation questions.
  • Create fund for legal advocacy for DXdao to participate in advocacy efforts with other DeFi projects and DAOs.
  • Create process for review of governance proposals for security risks.

30% DXventures / DXbiz

  • Attend and review pitches for DXventures.
  • Network with DeFI community projects for possible opportunities for collaboration with DXdao.
  • Draft and review terms for any grant proposals for DXventures.

10% Omen:

  • Finish the creation of the Omen video for the landing page with Ilio.
  • Coordination on the development of a data analytics dashboard for Omen
  • Support the retention of a branding firm for Omen

Self Evaluation: The following is a self-evaluation on what I’ve done well, okay, and not well.

  • Did Well: I’m happy with the progress we’ve made on the blockchain analysis work as well as participation in ETHVC. I’ve also made headway with the Omen video, which is almost completed. There has also been progress in getting DXdao more involved in legal advocacy efforts for DAOs and DeFi.
  • Did Okay: I think at this point most contributor questions regarding legal entity formation has been addressed, but this is such a complex area that I’ve never been satisfied with the open-ended status on how contributors will be paid in certain jurisdictions. I think this is something that needs to be continually worked on and thought about, and is not entirely resolved.
  • Needs Improvement: I’m late on this proposal along with other budget request proposals. I need to focus more on a few important topics and be less spread out on different topics, which is why I’m reducing my role with Omen.


Experience Level: 5

Full-time for total of 40 hours per week, for two months (7.13.21 - 9.12.21).

Vacation: I am subtracting 2 days of vacation from my holiday that I took from 8/17/21 - 8/20/21. I worked on a part-time basis during these days and so will subtract 2 days of pay from my second payment request ($800 Dai and $600 DXD):

  • $15,200 (DAI) $8,000 to be paid once the proposal gets approved and the remaining $7200 on or after 9/12/2021 when the work contract finishes.
  • $11,400 (DXD). $5,400 (DXD) vested at 1 year, and continued vesting after the first year on a linear schedule.
  • 0.3334% REP

Additional Requests for Reimbursement:

  • ETHCC Travel and Stay Stipend: $1250
  • Reimbursement for the cost of 3 months of the Bloomberg Law Subscription (legal research tool) : $1738
    • I presented obtaining this subscription a couple months back during a governance call. I use this to research topics on legal questions for DXdao. I’ve found it helpful to have the most accurate and up-to-date information on fintech legal issues, as well as see what other projects have been doing for legal frameworks.

I joined DXdao as a part-time contributor as of 12/12/20. Prior to this, I, along with my partner under @pulpmachina, contributed for two (2) months through DAOtalk topic posts, meeting participation, and Keybase / Telegram discussions. See our list of posts here.


12/12/20 - 1/12/21 Worker Proposal 2

1/12/21 - 3/12/21 Worker Proposal 1

3/12/21 - 5/12/21 Worker Proposal 1

5/12/21 - 7/12/21 Worker Proposal

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tammy-fisher-7497b130/


This proposal falls under the current Contributor Guidelines, enacted on February 17, 2021. Should DXdao approve any changes to the Contributor Guidelines Compensation Structure that go into effect during my stated contract period, I reserve the right to introduce an updated DAOtalk post and on-chain proposal to adjust the above stated compensation amounts to reflect the new compensation structure.


I will be requesting the second half of my work proposal for the following:

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