Tammy Contributor Proposal 9.13.21 - 11.12.21

Contract Period: 9/13/2021 - 11/12/2021, 2 months

Position: Contributor


Since my last proposal, I have mainly focused on legal and compliance questions for DXdao.

80% Legal and Compliance:

  • Create legal budget covering a variety of needs for DXdao and execute on those areas. See Proposal. ​​
  • Continued contributor assistance with company formation and immigration questions.
  • Explore solutions to Contributor Invoicing issues and legal entity formation
  • Create proposal on Self-Insurance Fund to cover potential defenses and damages in a suit or regulatory action.
  • LisCON networking with various DAO legal advisors on areas of interest that could helps with DXdao’s needs

15% DXventures / DXbiz

  • Attend and review pitches for DXventures.
  • Network with DeFI community projects for possible opportunities for collaboration with DXdao.
  • Draft and review terms for any grant proposals for DXventures.

5% Omen:

  • Finish the creation of the Omen video for the landing page with Ilio.

Self Evaluation: The following is a self-evaluation on what I’ve done well, okay, and not well. This work proposal is coming at a week before the end of the current proposed work period. So it will be evaluating the proposed projects and deliverables stated above.

  • Did Well:
    • Creating a Q4 budget was very nice to organize and plan DXdao legal priorities for the end of the year. Each item is currently being worked on, with the exception of the blockchain analysis. I’ve had a really difficult time pinning down the firm to a price, and may be exploring other options.
    • The UK opinion has been delivered, advice from Polsinelli has been useful, and steps to start the exploration with MME are underway, but not yet initiated.
    • A big step in progress in this work period has been around contributor payments, immigration, and a potential Self-Insurance fund. These are all areas that I think will help DXdao scale and sustainably grow.
    • Also, please look out for a proposal to cover a retroactive stipend to cover costs for setting up a legal entity to interact with the DAO. The aim is to incentivize DXdao contributors to set these entities up as a healthy method to interact not just with this DAO, but all DAOs.
  • Did Okay: Getting feedback on product development has been active, but more streamlined processes with individual product leads need to be developed to assess legal needs and find the proper contractors to cover any missing gaps. I’m happy to have started creating those channels, with DXvote, for example, but more needs to be done to assess and stay up-to-date on the product side. More regular and streamlined communication with product leads, perhaps a 30 minute weekly check-in, could be a nice step.
    Needs Improvement:
    • I’m late on this proposal, very late. I know we’ve discussed a potential deduction in payment for late proposals. I would be okay with accepting a deduction if others think it’s a good idea to do so.
    • I have also backed off on some of my responsibilities with DXventures in order to focus more on general DAO legal structuring and narrow my focus. The Chainverse proposal was a missed opportunity IMO, and I still need to make a formal proposal for Atlantis World. This may come before the work period is over, but it should have been done sooner.
    • Clearer documentation on the Contributor UX side for legal resources needs to be thought about. There’s a lot of ad hoc answering of questions happening, but some basic materials in the DXdocs could help some through basic questions.


Experience Level: 5

Full-time for total of 40 hours per week, for two months (9.13.21 - 11.12.21).

  • $16,000 (DAI) to be paid at the end of the work period
  • $12,000 (DXD). $6,000 (DXD) vested at 1 year, and continued vesting after the first year on a linear schedule.
  • 0.3334% REP

Additional Requests for Reimbursement:

  • LisCON + DXRetreat Travel ($300 – rental car) and Stay Stipend ($800): $1100
  • Reimbursement for the cost of 3 months of the Bloomberg Law Subscription (legal research tool) : $1738
    • I presented obtaining this subscription about six months back during a governance call. I use this to research topics on legal questions for DXdao. I’ve claimed a reimbursement for it once previously. I’ve found it helpful to have the most accurate and up-to-date information on fintech legal issues, as well as see what other projects have been doing for legal frameworks.

I joined DXdao as a part-time contributor as of 12/12/20. Prior to this, I, along with my partner under @pulpmachina, contributed for two (2) months through DAOtalk topic posts, meeting participation, and Keybase / Telegram discussions. See our list of posts here.


12/12/20 - 1/12/21 Worker Proposal 2 2

1/12/21 - 3/12/21 Worker Proposal 1

3/12/21 - 5/12/21 Worker Proposal 1

5/12/21 - 7/12/21 Worker Proposal

7/12/21-9/12/21 Worker Proposal

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tammy-fisher-7497b130/ 2


This proposal falls under the current Contributor Guidelines, enacted on February 17, 2021. Should DXdao approve any changes to the Contributor Guidelines Compensation Structure that go into effect during my stated contract period, I reserve the right to introduce an updated DAOtalk post and on-chain proposal to adjust the above stated compensation amounts to reflect the new compensation structure.


Thanks for the summary - one small thing I noticed you didn’t include Liscon ticket cost ($200) in the reimbursement? Can’t remember if you were able to buy one of the “sold out tickets” but I think that would increase your reimbursement to $1300 for Lisbon related activities.


Thank you for the catch, @Powers ! @fluidDrop was kind enough to purchase my ticket and should be reimbursed for it, which is why I didn’t claim it.


Yes :slight_smile: I got a free ticket. So gave Tammy my original one and just expensed it on my side :+1: