SWPR staking campaign

As part of the release and deployment of Swapr Beta 10, Swapr supports single token staking and in the future, it will allow DIY single token staking. A small description of the campaign that we will put forward below and also detailing the thought process.


Locked campaign, no staking cap.
Stake SWPR into a locked campaign to get SWPR as reward.
Rewards: 200K SWPR as rewards (approx. 7500 USD as of 16Feb)
Duration: 24-Feb to 07-July, 19 weeks.

Circulating supply distribution:

The current circulating supply for SWPR in Arbitrum and Gnosis chain are as below. These are approximate numbers and not to very exact supply on the wallets.

Current (approx)
Arbitrum 11 000 000
Gnosis Chain 1 250 000

After the proposal to increase the emissions in the Gnosis chain and considering the emissions over the next 19 weeks, the potential supply in each chain might look as below.

Current (approx) by 07 July/ 19 weeks total circ
Arbitrum 11000000 1484000 12484000
Gnosis Chain 1250000 1484000 2734000

Duration and timing:

Based on the roadmap and the booking for audits for guild contracts, we find that 07 July to be a comfortable date where SWPR staking might be ready and users should be able to withdraw the locked SWPR and stake them in the new guilds contract giving them governance.

The duration of the SWPR staking campaign would be from 24-Feb to 07 July, a period of 19 weeks.

Campaign rewards:

The reward for the campaign was earmarked 175000 SWPR earlier, but that was planned when the circulating supply was around 9M SWPR. With the increased supply, we are also increasing the rewards to 200000 SWPR to reflect the current circulating supply.

Rewards in each chain:

The ratio of the circulating supply across the Gnosis chain to Arbitrum is around 1:8 currently.

After the new emissions, it is expected to be around 1:5 by the end of the campaign period.

We also feel that we should bring more SWPR to the Gnosis chain, so the incentives are a bit higher in the Gnosis chain than in Arbitrum.

With all of that discussed, we feel that the rewards should be 2.25 SWPR in Arbitrum for every 1 SWPR in Gnosis chain and it would be proper incentivisation to bring more SWPR in Gnosis chain and also .

Total Rewards 200000
Arbitrum 140000
Gnosis Chain 60000

Some APR numbers:

With 6M locked in Arbitrum, the APR will be about 6.4%
With 2.5M locked in Gnosis chain, the APR will be about 6.5%


Locked campaign, no staking cap.
Stake SWPR into a locked campaign to get SWPR as reward.
Rewards: proposing 200K SWPR as rewards (7500 USD)
Duration: 24-Feb to 07-July, 19 weeks.

Please let us know if you have any feedback.


The proposal has been created and the campaign will begin on 25th Feb 1500 UTC. dxvote.eth

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