SWPR Emissions November 25th Discussion

The SWPR signal proposal laid out a plan for a multi-month liquidity mining campaign, where SWPR awards are readjusted every two-week period (Epoch!).

This thread has been created (and will continue to be created bi-weekly) to serve as concentrated discussion surrounding potential changes to the SWPR emissions on Arbitrum, xDai and Mainnet. If you are curious as to the methodology of these changes, on-chain data has been utilized in various areas such as this community example. Lets start with the larger proposed fundamental changes:

Fundamental changes

Only one… exciting change proposed:

  • :carrot:

Arbitrum Epoch 6


Epoch 6 had some larger changes, since then some pools have rose above the rest. (Cough, cough, :badger:). Important to note is that SWPR/ETH, USDC/ETH, ETH/WBTC, DXD/ETH, and CRV/ETH were deployed with a 4 week cadence, meaning the campaigns will continue to flow seamlessly and cannot be adjusted this epoch. See all the changes:

  • DAI / ETH from 5% to 3% - DAI continues to struggle within the Arbitrum ecosystem. This further reduction will hopefully further balance the difference between the two pairs (USDC).

  • LINK / ETH from 4% to 5% - LINK is picking up! This slight boost will help the community to further thrive on Swapr.

  • MKR / ETH from 1.5% to 1% - Some underperformance here, a hopefully temporary reduction should give leeway for the community to play catchup.

  • GNO/ ETH from 1% to 0% - This pool has struggled to attain any meaningful volume and TVL on Arbitrum… BUT! There have been recent discussions about an xDai and Gnosis merger. We propose shifting this allocation over to xDai, at least temporarily.

  • ibBTC / ETH from 8% to 6% - ibBTC was added as part of a collaboration between BadgerDAO and Swapr. Unfortunately, it has struggled, likely as a result of the asset only being bridged over initially recently. Instead of removing this allocation, we decided to shift it temporarily to the Badger pool…

  • BADGER / ETH from 4% to 8% - Badger was added as a result of the above collaboration, and wow! The community has hit the ground running with this pool, currently fighting for the 2nd largest position on Swapr Arbitrum. To further support the community we propose shifting 2% temporarily from ibBTC, and additionally adding 2% further.

  • Unallocated from 0% to 2% - Occasionally, as a result of governance or partner processes, some SWPR token cannot be deployed on time. This has resulted in an “Unallocated” fund that is tracked cross chain, and utilized as a contingency for larger initiatives. Propose the final 2% being added to the unallocated fund until next epoch, where rewards can once again be added to the 5 strongest pairs.

xDai Epoch 4


xDai will likely again be seeing relatively smaller changes. Remember, xDai allocations doubled in the previous period, from 10% to 20%:

  • WBTC / WETH from 12.5% to 10% - Another slight reduction so this pair can catch up to the rest.

  • STAKE / XDAI from 11.5% to 10% - See above, a slight reduction for catch up purposes.

  • GNO / XDAI from 0% to 2% - This pair is being introduced based on the xDai and Gnosis merger discussion. More context here.

  • GNO / STAKE from 0% to 2% - This pair is being introduced based on the xDai and Gnosis merger discussion. More context here. Feedback would be fantastic surrounding the use of both a GNO/XDAI and GNO/STAKE pool, or if one of these is individually stronger.

Mainnet Epoch 4


Mainnet continues to flow through its first 4 Epochs, no changes can be made until the following period. It would be great if the community were to discuss any potential changes or additional well ahead of time, as these proposals will need to be queued for longer.


Thoughts? Changes or additions? More info in the public tokenomics working sheet. Epoch 6 Arbitrum and Epoch 4 xDai/Mainnet are set to launch on November 25th at 1500 UTC.