Swapr User Feedback Utilizing useFathom

Swapr User feedback using useFathom

Swapr has long struggled to understand its users. As a privacy-first, decentralized AMM, tracking data is a big no-no, and as a result, the Swapr team has minimal information to gauge product decisions. The Swapr squad is enthusiastic about introducing useFathom to the dapp to collect user feedback about how users use the product, what networks are prominently used and more details about how many transactions are made using Swapr ecoRouter. useFathom claims to be privacy-focused, touting anonymous page view tracking and no cookie requirements.

Why does Swapr need this now?

Swapr spends about $60,000 per month on developing new features, integrating additional dexes, and enabling new networks, and the team has no idea how the product is being used. Furthermore, the only analytics it has at its disposal is any available data on-chain, making it incredibly difficult for the squad to plan the product and determine whether or not it is a successful venture.

How will Swapr use this data?

Swapr will use this data only for product feedback and anonymized pageviews. Swapr will not collect user-based information, such as IP addresses, countries, keys, or balances.

Swapr will use this data to understand better how Swapr is used. In addition, some of this data can be set as goals and objectives for the growth of Swapr, shared quarterly with DXdao. Swapr will also be able to understand how users are using the ecoRouter, charts, hidden ecoRouter list and will have access to aggregated data.

useFathom demo site.

Next steps

This proposal is being submitted to collect feedback on the eventual integration of useFathom. Swapr’s ethos of a privacy-centric and decentralized AMM will not be affected by a successful implementation. Instead, it will be utilized to improve the value statement of Swapr further and garner a closer connection to its users.

Shoutout to @0xVenky for pushing forward this initiative.