Swapr - Q1 update


These are some of the items that Swapr squad was working on this quarter. This quarter has been pretty encouraging for Swapr as we were able to work on multiple product areas and also see some weeks where Swapr had great volume through its ecoRouter. The Swapr squad went through a huge team size reduction since end of February.


Features released:

  • Limit orders via COW
  • Pro trading mode
  • Velodrome on Optimism
  • 1inch on all Swapr supported chains
  • Limit orders through the pro trading UI
  • Fix for Arbitrum bridging
  • Tons of other minor improvements and bug fixes

Releases done:

Beta 18, Beta 19, Beta 19.1 and Beta 19.2

Feature development in progress:

  • Li.fi integration
  • Uniswap V3 on BNB chain
  • 1inch limit orders on other chains

The below features are under development and are going a bit slower than expected and might want to revisit the plans of moving forward.

Swapbox 2.0 - just dev complete


Released an MVP build for users to DCA from one asset to another. The plan for Q2 is to make sure we progress this as mentioned in the COW forum. The key item is to make sure we launch a Beta and release it as a SAFE app.

  • Have the contracts audited.
  • Release Stackly v0.1 that will let the user create a stack, view and manage the stacks and cancel.
  • Work on the branding and communications.
  • Review the current UX and spend some time redesigning.
  • Work on socials and marketing.
  • Reach out to DAOs and treasury managers that are constantly rebalancing their treasury and doing buybacks.
  • Release it as a SAFE app.
  • Fiat on ramp


The contracts are built and reviewed, and need to be audited. The initial set of UI designs are handled through a bounty to onboard a designer and some of those designs could be found here.


We also spent a small amount of time hacking a solution on how UniV3 limit orders with Gelato. @berteotti worked closely with Gelato to see how feasible it is as a solution to offer our users the possibility to place Limit orders with UniV3. This is only possible with a tight concentration range and should be able to exit once the position goes out of range. Gelato comes into picture to act as a relayer to remove liquidity upon the price going out of range.

The dapp is here to try out: https://range-orders.vercel.app/ - this is neither tested thoroughly nor audited. We will pause this activity and continue only if there is potentially a better UX that we could offer.

The past quarter, we spent a bit of time making Swapr a meta aggregator. The result shows in the increase in volume after integrating 1inch. The next set of initiatives would be to give Swapr users an easy-to-use, private and a leaner experience.


The month of April, Swapr will work on Stackly at a priority to make sure we have a Beta release.
We also constantly work on integrations added to Swapr.
Post the proposal that is in progress, we will decide what the next steps for Swapr will be.