Swapr Guild H1 2023 contributor event stipend funding

Below is a proposal requesting the H1 2023 Contributor Event Stipend Funding for the Swapr Guild. Following the guidelines of the Contributor Event Stipend Funding Proposal, this proposal requests funds for all Swapr Guild contributors for H1 of 2023. We expect participation, thus far, in the following conferences / events: ETHPorto, ETHDenver and ETHGlobal

Listed are the current Carrot Guild contributors and their available stipend based on their contribution and time commitment to the guild:

Contributor %age Amount
Zett 33.33% 666
Adam 33.33% 666
Mirko 100% 2000
Leo 60% 1200
Violet 33.33% 666
Velu 25% 500
Vance 25% 500
MilanV 55% 1100
Venky 70% 1400

Total funds requested = 8698 XDAI
Upon passing, the funds will be sent to Swapr guild multisig.


Hi, Its been a bit delayed. I have a few values that were incorrect and have it corrected below. Thanks to Melanie to point out all of these.


Contributor %age (from guild proposals) Amount
Zett 33.33% (no guild proposal up) 666
Adam 60% (for 2 months) (no guild proposal up) 400
Mirko Proposal for Swapr states 60% for Jan - March 1,200
Leo 60% 1,200
Violet 60% (for 2 months) 400
Velu 25% 500
Vance 25% (no guild proposal up) 500
MilanV avg 55% 1100
Venky avg 70% 1400

I will create an onchain proposal shortly requesting the DAO for 7366 USDC to be sent to Swapr multisig.