Swapr Guild 2023 H1 funding new developers

As part of the Swapr budget that passed, we included a few roles that Swapr guild will be in the hunt for filling some vacant spots and had a budge for contingency additions.

Senior smart contract developer:

Neeel has been referred by Augustol and has been trialling with Swapr working on the zapping contracts. Some of the PRs that he created are here already:


Neeel has over a decade of experience in software development and has already started contributing full time on 12/01/2023. He is starting at level 6 with 10% speciality due to his relevant experience within web3. Neeel will be contributing 2 weeks at 50% then 80% for 2.5 months as per the trial period guidelines.

Through this post, we are also requesting a stipend of 2000 USDC for Neeel for his travel and conferences.

As part of the budget, we are requesting the 20000 USDC to be sent to Swapr guild MS.

8800 * 0.5 * 0.5 = 2000 USDC
8800 * 2.5 * 0.8 = 16000 USDC
Stipend = 2000 USDC

Frontend developer:

Mirko has been contributing to Swapr the last 4 months and will continue to contribute to Swapr post February as well. He decided to stay with Swapr instead of moving to Nimi. He will be contributing as a frontend developer full time and will be working on the new swapbox 2.0, new bridge integrations, aggregators and a frontend to interact with the currently built zapping contracts.


As part of the proposal, we are requesting 8000 USDC for the additional month of March for Mirko.

When this proposal passes, we request DXDao to send 28000 USDC to Swapr MS for funding the new developers.