Swapr farming basic walk-through

Swapr released its governance token SWPR, which is being distributed through a claim-drop on Arbitrum, and also liquidity mining campaigns on all supported chains: ArbitrumOne, Ethereum mainnet, and xDai chain.
If you wish to provide liquidity to a pool that is being incentivized and earn SWPR governance tokens as a reward, you can visit swapr.eth.link, click on the ‘Pairs & Rewards’ tab, tick ‘with rewards’ and select a pair.

After you click on a pair and enter its page, you will see the cards of the current active farms / liquidity mining campaigns under the ‘active rewards’ tab. Then you have to click on a campaign card to enter a farm.

Swapr is permissionless and any person or organization can create their own campaign to incentivize any pair pool with any token reward, so when you enter a campaign make sure it is the one with the rewards you wish to receive.
Once you enter a campaign and you are certain you wish to provide liquidity to the pair, so you can stake in that campaign, click on blue ‘add liquidity’ button to the top right. You will be redirected to a page to add liquidity to the pair, and once you’ve done it, you should click on the back arrow to return to the campaign. In order to start earning rewards, you need to click on the ‘deposit & stake’ button to the bottom left.

ArbitrumOne and xDai chain campaigns currently have a duration of 2 weeks /1 epoch/, but it may change in the future, and Ethereum mainnet epochs are currently 2-month long.
Once a campaign expires, you’d need to go into the pair /as seen on 2nd image/ and this time click on the ‘expired’ campaigns tab to find the now old campaign, so you can claim your rewards and withdraw your staked LP tokens /as seen on 3rd image/. Then you will be able to stake them again in a new campaign from the new epoch. For that, you don’t have to remove liquidity from the pair. You can also claim rewards at any time during a campaign without removing stake.


Liquidity providers on xDai dont earn $SWAPR token? Or SWAPR rewards will be calculated retroactivley?

LP - a liquidity provider
Farmer or liquidity miner - a liquidity provider who has also staked their LP tokens in a campaign.

There is a difference between providing liquidity to a pool and a liquidity provider staking their LP tokens in a campaign.

If you have provided liquidity to a pool/pair, you will earn, according to your share of the pool, 90% of the swap fees traders are charged each time a transaction is made in that pair’s liquidity pool. The swap fee may vary from 0% to 10% in the different pairs, but is usually 0.25%. So, if you have provided 5% of the liquidity in a pair, you will get 5% of 90% of 0.25% of the trade volume in the pool. This is liquidity provision. You don’t see your earned tokens from liquidity provision as additional tokens to claim, fees go straight into your LP tokens, and you can get it all in one when you remove your liquidity.

On top of that, there are some pairs/pools, not always and not all, that have liquidity provision further incentivized by letting liquidity providers also earn extra rewards for staking their LP tokens in a specific campaign, for the duration of it. This does not happen automatically, and liquidity providers /LPs/ have to manually stake their tokens, in order to pariticipate.

Let’s say there is a W/X pair pool and a Y/Z pair. If you have W,X,Y, and Z tokens and provide liquidity to both pairs, as an LP, you will be earning a % of the fees traders pay for swapping tokens in those pools. Then, someone /even you can do that/ decides to create a farm /liquidity mining campaign/ and incentivize just the Y/Z pool with B tokens for 1 month. If you go into the liquidity mining campaign /or farm/ and ‘deposit & stake’ your LP tokens in that farm/campaign, on top of the fees you earn as a liquidity provide in the pool/pair, you will now also be earning a % of the B token rewards as a farmer /lquidity miner/, according to the share of your LP tokens from all staked LP tokens in the farm. So, for W/X you are just an LP and you only earn from swap fees, because there is no farm, but for Y/Z you earn both as an LP, and also as a farmer because there is a campaign and you have staked in it, until the campaign expires.

That’s why there are pools with rewards and pools without rewards.


I understand that, I only wasnt able to find where to stake LP, thank you for answer.
disclaimer: I am forced to edit question 3 times :rofl:. I bridge stable from arbitrum to xdai and buy swapr here. Thank you for your time and farming lecture :grinning:

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