Survey on Trust in dApps [research study]

Hi, DAO Community!

I am reaching out for your help and opinion.

We are a team of researchers from the NYU and Technical University of Munich and we are currently conducting an online survey about trust in the context of dApps on Ethereum. We are conducting this research because we suspect that many users are currently confused about which new dApps are trustworthy and which ones may be a scam after all. We are therefore interested in what you look for before using a new dApp. We want to provide this knowledge to the community so that even better dApps can be developed and dApps can reach the potential they truly have.

The cool thing about our survey is that it is not the ordinary boring survey you know, but a survey running as a smart contract on the Ethereum/Polygon blockchain. This means survey results cannot be distorted and in the end, there is an automatic, transparent, and tamper-proof lottery that will raffle 5x50€ in MATIC.

If you are curious, we would very much appreciate it if you take a moment to fill out the survey:

To make our survey dApp as transparent as possible we verified its source code on polygonscan: Contract Address 0x6da6ee8d5d56b578994c4ce111d0ff73746dfbe0 | PolygonScan

You also find additional information about our dApp in the about section on our website.

We would be happy if you participate and share our survey also with your friends or colleagues.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us.