Suggestion for the naming of DXdao’s Token Offering Platform to "Aqua"

For the past 6 months, DXdao has been researching, refining and building products related to token offerings.

DXdao learned from its experience with Mesa that token offerings are an important use case in high demand by the market. DXdao’s existing batch auction exchange Mesa became popularly known as an “IDO platform”, being used for some of the significant IDOs. In actuality, Mesa is still a DXdao-owned front-end for Gnosis Protocol v1 (“GPv1”) but is rarely being used, due to a number of drawbacks with GPv1.

Building on important learnings, DXdao has been creating a platform that allows projects to choose from a varied set of tools to execute token offerings.

Up to now, DXdao generally has been referring to this platform as the “next version of Mesa”, but as we progress, it has become very clear that this platform is clearly its own product focused on solving a specific need.

With that understanding, this new platform deserves a strong name with a powerful, unique identity.

This post suggests to the community to name this platform: Aqua

Aqua is a platform for all things related to token offerings.

Aqua is the Latin word for water, giving off a sense of fluidity and adaptability.

Be formless, shapeless — like water. - Bruce Lee

Within Aqua, there will live a set of tools to be used for token offerings and management. Each of these tools can have its name based on this theme.

The team within DXdao that has been working on this platform has already been referring internally to this platform as Aqua.

The team is excited to offer Aqua as the official name of this platform to the community.

Ideally, the community is behind this proposal and will help to develop and define this identity further. All input and suggestions on how this new brand could be explored and expanded upon would be much appreciated.

If there are any major objections by the community, please raise those here in this thread for discussion.

We’re collecting feedback the next 5 days and if no major objections are raised we will put a signal vote on alchemy for this.



Long live Aqua!


Denarios pretiosa sunt aquae vitae.


I like the theme. It gives plenty of room to create an ocean-themed brand. I’m thinking graphics of pirate ships, merchant ships, and treasure chests:
Fixed price sale → Merchant ship special
Auction sale → Pirate auction
Upcoming sales → Ships have appeared on the horizon
Long-term partners → Each major partner (not just for 1 sale) gets represented as an island
Sale ends and users can claim their tokens → Claim your treasure chest
Unforeseen delays in a sale → Strong headwinds delayed arrival


Google saved me

But think it’s bad, its much more:

Precious coins are a source of life

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Signal proposal to ratify the naming: Alchemy | DAOstack