Strategy & Roadmap notes [Oct 12]

Fun discussion from a broader perspective on DXdao’s products and where opportunities and synergies may lie. Notes below:

Strategy & roadmap

  • Swapr - small player in an established market
  • Omen - established player in a small market
  • Carrot & Aqua - new DeFi products (need to establish a market)
  • DXvote & Gov dev - building for DXdao, may be useful for others

DXdao’s three target markets:

  • DeFi (Swapr, Carrot & Aqua)
  • DAOs
  • Prediction markets

Some questions to think of:

  • Other markets to target? NFTs…
  • Other opportunities within existing markets? Derivatives/Perpetuals
  • How to build? Incubate, DXventures, something in between?
  • How to take advantage of DXdao’s strengths? Lean into decentralized front-end


  • Fork trident to catch up

  • Front-end usage is what differentiates Swapr from competitors

  • Focus on bridging experienc

What are DXdao’s strengths?

  • Governance-as-a-service

  • deployment-as-a-service

  • Infrastructure-as-a-service

Aka…”distributed deployment”

How can we showcase the deployment process through Swapr? How can we automate the deployment process through DXvote?

Can we pitch Compound/Uniswap governance on running a decentralized front-end?


Potential future market idea based on DXdao’s strengths: from the perspective of serving on non-profit foundation boards, indirect governance of a treasury’s diversification and outlays is a major stressor, as well as the biggest potential liability. Additionally, demonstrating fiduciary integrity is one of the primary challenges to grooming new donors and grantors. Many foundations pay third parties substantial monies to manage the above, in terms of liability, trust, and treasury management. The governance products being developed by the DxDAO could be a perfect fit: perhaps a foundation could submit a proposal for service in tailoring a [foundation]DAO to suit their needs built on our existing governance products . . . perhaps this is already being done by other DAOs, but surely we would do it best.

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