Step-by-Step: Mainnet REP Sync

It is important that REP be synced from Gnosis Chain to Mainnet on DXVote/Alchemy. Syncing your REP to Mainnet maintains DXdao’s meritocratic governance system, and ensures each contributor’s full voting power. It is essential Mainnet DXdao remains governed, therefore this step-by-step guide should help you in syncing your REP. Please see the steps below:

Confirm amount of REP owed on Mainnet

  • Add up your REP amount requested on Gnosis Chain. If done correctly, this is a 1:1 conversion to Mainnet with no additional calculations or steps.
    • Note: REP requested on Gnosis Chain will show a higher percentage but NOT a higher raw amount.
  • Consult the REP spreadsheets put together by @allyq. (currently being updated for better accuracy!)

Put together a post on DAOtalk and wait for possible feedback

  • Title: (Name) REP Mainnet Sync (dates/months syncing)
  • Share the percentages and raw numbers for the months of REP you wish to sync. If you have the calculations, this is even better.
  • Please also add links to your Gnosis Chain proposals containing the REP you wish to sync to Mainnet.
  • Wait to receive any possible feedback on your forum post from contributors and/or community members.

Visit Mainnet DXdao on DXvote or Alchemy

  • Copy and paste your DAOtalk post to Mainnet.
  • Fill in the amount of REP you are syncing.
  • All gas fees will be covered by the DAO, wait for the “DXdao Gas Governance Refunds” post by Dave (@dlabs on DAOtalk).

Submit and request a boost if needed in the #Governance channel on Keybase

  • Shoot out a message with a link to your on-chain proposal.

Please feel free to leave a comment with any other helpful tips and tricks for doing a Mainnet REP Sync! Please also consult the Importance of Tidy REP post for more information on the steps we plan on taking towards a more accurate Mainnet REP.


I might be an edge case here, but given that I submit a lot of proposals on both Mainnet and GC - if I did 1 to 1 REP syncs - I’d probably over 4% REP on both chains. That’s beacuse everytime you pass a successful proposal you are minted some REP. 500 for a contributor proposal on mainnet and 100 on GC.

It is my understanding that this REP does not sync across chain. So technically, one would have to take the sum of REP issued in their worker proposals and request that on mainnet. However, I also understand that very few people beside myself submit a high number of proposals. So not sure if the enforcement of this is worth the effort? Open to hearing what others think.

I will keep syncing just REP that I earn through worker proposals.