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Hey guys,

I believe relying on a centralised entity which controls our in depth communication, has and may track our IP addresses and can shut down anytime is completely against our principles of the Dxdao. That´s why I am proposing to make a transition to which enabled the community feature just a few days ago. With that we enjoy everything what enables but more:

  • Decentralised database
  • Uncensorable
  • Have a variety of interfaces which enables decentralised access
  • Every user is earning STEEM while participating on the Dxdao governance
  • If SMTs are released, we could enable a DXD Community token which keeps track of engaged users. Those users can and should be rewarded with reputation once or twice a year.
  • Dxdao steem community is already live here
  • Steem communities has a more granular role structure which we can configure:
Role Permissions

Owner - assign admins
Admin - edit settings, assign mods
Moderator - mute, pin, set user titles
Member - listed on leadership team
Guest - default; can post and comment
Muted - new posts automatically muted

A proposal will follow after the weekly call on Thursday!

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