Stater X DXdao Partnership


At Stater we are building an open-source lending platform for NFT assets. The NFT market has seen amazing growth over the past year and with the rapid pace of increase in adoption, we think that now it’s the right time to bring lending into this space and offer users the possibility to leverage their NFT assets without selling them.

Building this type of product for the NFT market poses unique challenges that are mainly related to the intrinsic value that NFTs have and the diversity of the assets that are available on the market. Our approach is to create a P2P marketplace as the core product and build layers of automation for asset valuation and the option for fast loan/pool lending on top of the core set of features.

Our lending platform is currently available on Rinkeby and we have available the full set of functionalities that we will be launching on mainnet in V1 available for testing.

Stater x DXdao Partnership

Because we are getting closer to mainnet launch, we are preparing to do an IDO campaign that would help us in the development of our product and would bring value to the ecosystem through our STTR token. We believe that DXdao has some amazing products in the portfolio and we would love to use Mesa as a platform for our IDO campaign.

IDO timeline: feb-mar 2021

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Hi @bogdanb thanks for doing this post and providing more background. Looking forward to having you join the DXbiz call on Monday.

This is great Bogdan and thanks for joining the call.

The next step would be to share more information about the sale and the sale structure itself. in the past DXdao has also participated and assisted in the token sale and marketing efforts in return for a portion of the tokens. In another case, like DMM, DXdao is a participator in the governance of the project. This could be something to consider. Important to mention that giving governance tokens to the DXdao makes them effectively illiquid.

Check out this topic for a bit more context

The next technical step in order to make progress is to propose adding the STTR token to the Mesa interface token list via a DAO proposal here:

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