Staking / Locking up DXD for reputation in the DAO

Reasons are quite simple, there are a lot of newer community members and investors into crypto and dxdao, but new members do not own REP, this will allows new DXD holders to participate in governance over time, and by doing this, also proves the legitimacy of new DXD investors. locking up DXD for reputation also reduces DXD from active circulation.

So it seems like a win win proposal, I currently own some DXD and I don’t feel very productive holding it, would rather stake it for reputation because I did not stake enough in 2019, when is the soonest I can start staking DXD for reputation ?


Some earlier discussion on this topic in this thread:

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On my side being part in the developer team, DXD holder, REP holder and main contributor on the ERC20 guild idea I cant promise that it will happen that but we have been talking about the ERC20 guilds idea for some time and I think I can say based on what we have been discussing on the calls that we will have an active REP pool for DXD holders in the next months, and a based on a the results on that (and if it gets approved by the organization ofc) a DXD guild with high (betwen 5-10% REP) active and working by the end of this year.

So in short, we have discussed it plenty of times and the intention for it to happen is real and we want to do it right and dont hurry, there is no reason to hurry (IMO) but plenty of reasons to start working/experimenting on it :slight_smile:

There are already some ERC20 guilds implementations that will soon be tested in kovan, we even have the code on github with tests running dxdao-contracts/contracts/erc20guild at dxdao-contracts · AugustoL/dxdao-contracts · GitHub.


thank you, keep us updated the progress on this


Any updates on these sir ?

Hola! Yes, a lot. We have code :v:t2: ERC20Guild Implementations with tests by AugustoL · Pull Request #14 · AugustoL/dxdao-contracts · GitHub

It is very possible that another group of developers is going to work on a review and writing of the tests for all the implementations I wrote, this is very good because we want to have the tests written by developers who hasnt been involved in the writing of the contracts, nevertheless all the tests would be review by me too.

Regarding DXDGuild I have a draft of what the guild contract would be dxdao-contracts/DXDGuild.sol at erc20guild · AugustoL/dxdao-contracts · GitHub

This is still early stages but we are having good progress still.

I have to write a topic explaining the why of the ERC20Guild, I was planning to have it this week but seems that it will be next week, if you see the lasts commits of the pull request where today.