Stackly - Effortless DCA

Stackly - Effortlessly stack tokens hourly, daily, weekly

Stackly is a simple DCA tool that will use CoW Protocol to place TWAP orders.

Stackly makes it easy for users to stack their favourite cryptos at any frequency they choose. Whether you want to stack hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or any other interval, Stackly makes it simple and straightforward to set up automatic orders using CoW Protocol.

DCA strategy involves buying a fixed amount of a token at regular intervals, regardless of its current price. By doing this, users or DAOs can reduce their exposure to short-term price fluctuations and potentially build a more stable and profitable long-term portfolio.

Github: GitHub - ImpeccableHQ/stackly: Stackly DCA using COW

Revenue and fees:
Stackly takes 0.05% fee as part of MVP that goes to SWPR guild and will remain at this fee for the first 6 months with a possibility to increase based on governance through SWPR token.

We have also reached out to CoW Grants program to have potential grants that will help push Stackly forward to the next set of features that we would like to build.

What are the next steps:

  • Have the contracts audited.
  • Release Stackly 0.1 that will let the user create a stack, view his stacks, manage and cancel.
  • Work on the branding and communications.
  • Review the current UX and spend some time redesigning.
  • Work on the socials and marketing.
  • Reach out to DAOs and treasury managers that are constantly rebalancing their treasury and doing buybacks.
  • Release it as a SAFE app.
  • Integrate with DAVI and build a tight integration to Stackly from Swapr.
  • Fiat on ramp



Huge thanks to adamazad.eth as he was the gigabrain behind building the first version hacking different solutions and to make it totally permissionless and non custodial.

Why is this not built within Swapr?
We wanted to let the user perform a DCA within 30 seconds of him opening the dapp. And also brings focus to just one thing that the user wants to do. We will cross promote if this gets decent traction from the community.

Would love some feedback from the community about their thoughts and ideas around Stackly.