Special Farming Launch Call [2021-09-16]

Thursday the 16th of September marks an important milestone in the Swapr legacy. At 1500 UTC, the first Epoch of SWPR farming commences. To celebrate, a special call will be held 30m prior to when the recap call would have started. The community will be able to discuss and chat about SWPR farming - and watch the countdown drop to 0 together! This celebratory call will replace the weekly recap meeting for this week.

Date: Thursday, September 16th, 2021

UTC Time: 14:30

Meeting link : DXdao

DXdao Meeting Schedule : Meetings

This call will be held in Discord! Look under “Voice channels” for the 🛸│The Mothership channel. The channel will use 🛸│the-mothership-text for any text chatter.

SWPR Farming

The call will be very casual in nature, aiming to involve as many from the community as possible:

  • 1430 UTC - Water cooler chat and general discussion
  • 1445 UTC - A word from the Swapr squad and looking to the future
  • 1500 UTC - Live farming launch!
  • 1515 UTC - SWPR Farming and Beta v5 AMA
  • 1530 UTC - Final notes and ending

In attendance will be many DXdao contributors including the Swapr Squad.