Space Inch Development Work September 2022

Space Inch is a development studio that has been providing contract work across Aqua and now Swapr. This is their 10th proposal. The proposal below is a payout for September 2022 totaling $43,224. Below is a recap of the contributions along with links to a Master Service Agreement and Scope of Work that govern the relationship going forward. These are written as contractual agreements between DXdao and Space Inch. Passage of this proposal is a “signature” from DXdao to those agreements.


September 1 - 30, 2022


Michal continues to work on the Trades History specifically the feature/advanced trading view, which is a quite large and complicated pull request. Michal completed: disabling indexing for the Swapr site.

Oskar (karczuRf):
Oskar continues to work one click ZAP, Integrating the Brave Wallet and adding the Bitkeep wallet to WalletConnect. He is working to improve using web3-react library for connecting wallets (with injected-connector) which needs to be fixed for better UX and allowing handle multiple browser-extension wallets. He continues to review the issues with using both metamask and coinbase wallets. He completed: updating the minimum received value to reflect the slippage value set; Feature/advanced trading view fix topbar percentage price; Feature/advanced trading view auto refresh; Feature/advanced trading view fetch top bar price; Feature/advanced trading view disabled low high; Update CoW Protocol assets; Update landing page text referring to the eco bridge; Updated synpress version; Feature/advanced trading view fix top bar; disable stake and unstake; Add missing external link icon on navbar “vote”.

Mikołaj Tęcza
Mikołaj continues to work on improving and cleaning up reducer (reduce repeated code and create generic methods in EcoBridge). He is also continues working on trades history and Feature/advanced trading view. He completed: Swapbox initial state fixes; swapbox - preselect outputCurrency; bridge history is not visible fixes; Feature/advanced trading view auto refresh and Feature/advanced trading view fetch top bar price fixes.

Kacper Kończyk
Kacper completed: adding the Cypress dashboard - a configuration for Cypress Dashboard (Modern web application testing made easy with Cypress Dashboard) - tool that is tracking all cypress and synpress tests results.

Marek Kowalski:
Marek handles code reviews, project oversight and architectural proposals.

Josh Segall:
Josh provides general oversight and strategic advice about roadmaps, product, and process.


Work Completed from September 1-30, 2022

Total Price = $43,224

Link to Master Services Agreement and Scope of Work 2

Link to SOW for Project #2 Development Work Proposal for Space Inch - Project #2


Space Inch started in 2010 by making mobile games and produced 90 million installs of original and published games. Now Space Inch primarily works as an outsource technology partner and consultant to various clients. Space Inch has offices in Nashville, Spain, Poland and Croatia. Space Inch’s services include strategic consulting, UI/UX design, discovery/scoping, architectural planning, engineering, and quality assurance.