Space Inch Development Work - November 2022

Space Inch is a development studio that has been providing contract work across Aqua and now Swapr. This is their 12th proposal. The proposal below is a payout for November 2022 totaling $8,704. Below is a recap of the contributions along with links to a Master Service Agreement and Scope of Work that govern the relationship going forward. These are written as contractual agreements between DXdao and Space Inch. Passage of this proposal is a “signature” from DXdao to those agreements.


November 1 - 30, 2022


Oskar (karczuRf):
Oskar in November has been focusing mainly on two big features: upgrade wallet library and LP-Zapping.

The first one was about integrating the newest version of web3-react library to fix plenty of bugs and improve user experience while using Swapr. The task is completed, so the code was reviewd and checked with approvals. Currently is ready to be merged. The PR can be found on Swapr-dapp github repo: feature/upgrade-wallet-library by karczuRF · Pull Request #1330 · levelkdev/swapr-dapp · GitHub.

The second task LP-Zapping is brand new feature in Swapr. It allows to swap any token for 2 different tokens and add liquidity to the pool with just 1-click. It works also in another direction, so allows to remove liquidity from the pool and swap pool’s tokens to any different token, obviously also with 1-click. It is worth mentioning that zap feature is innovative as allows to use any DEX supported by Swapr, so with EcoRouter zapping is cost optimized and flexible. It is also prepared to use it with new DEXs if needed. To achieve it Oskar by himself has written brand new Zap smart contract (with test) and deployed it on Goerli testnet and Gnosis network. Also he fully adjusted Swapr frontend to use Zap contract, so dedicated designs and user-flow components were added. Currently Zap feature is waiting to be tested by QA and reviewed. The PR can be found on Swapr-dapp github repo: Feat/lp zapping by karczuRF · Pull Request #1596 · levelkdev/swapr-dapp · GitHub.

In the meanwhile Oskar was doing daily routines, like reviewing the code or discussing project development.

Marek Kowalski:
Marek handles code reviews, project oversight and architectural proposals.

Josh Segall:
Josh provides general oversight and strategic advice about roadmaps, product, and process.


Work Completed from November 1 - 30, 2022

Total Price = $8,704

Link to Master Services Agreement and Scope of Work 2

Link to SOW for Project #2 Development Work Proposal for Space Inch - Project #2


Space Inch started in 2010 by making mobile games and produced 90 million installs of original and published games. Now Space Inch primarily works as an outsource technology partner and consultant to various clients. Space Inch has offices in Nashville, Spain, Poland and Croatia. Space Inch’s services include strategic consulting, UI/UX design, discovery/scoping, architectural planning, engineering, and quality assurance.