"Social" Vesting for BlockScience x PrimeDAO proposal

Hello PrimeDAO community!

Given the high gas costs at the moment, we are unable to launch the vesting contracts that will allocate PRIME over time (they were going to cost 0.4 ETH! :exploding_head:). Instead, we talked with @papa_raw and decided to create this form of “social vesting”.

Per the proposal submitted here, we are requesting 50,000 PRIME to vest as of the beginning of January 2021. More details below:

  1. Your mainnet Ethereum account address where you will eventually receive the vested PRIME: 0x0436eb8a37395140cc06f85fab860dabf09ffde3

  2. The start time in the format of Unix timestamp : 1609748474
    1/4/2021 @ 8:21am (UTC) ← 1 609 748 474
    Cliff date: 04/04/2021 @ 8:21am (UTC) ← 1 617 524 460

  3. The duration of the cliff period in seconds: 7775986

  4. The total duration of the vesting in seconds : 31535986
    When Prime can be withdrawn: 01/04/2022 @ 8:21am (UTC) ← 1641284460
    1641284460 - 1609748474 = 31535986

(Shamelessly copying @Tam2140’s vesting duration math from her proposal above - thanks Tam! :angel:)


Hello PrimeDAO community! Per our second workcycle proposal, I am posting here for the “social vesting” of 50k additional PRIME tokens for the BlockScience x PrimeDAO workcycle #2.

Per the proposal submitted here , we are requesting 50,000 PRIME to vest as of the beginning of February 2021 . More details below:

  1. Mainnet address: 0x0436eb8a37395140cc06f85fab860dabf09ffde3
  2. Start time: 01/29/2021
  3. Cliff period: 04/29/2021
  4. End time: 01/29/2022

Have a great weekend all!