Social consensus - How it's being used in Genesis

Yesterday in the community call we discussed what is social consensus and how it’s being applied to Genesis.

This is a list of norms that were approved via proposal but they are rarely being enforced.
Some of the reflections that came up in the call were:

  • Is the social consensus process of a DAO community purely off-chain?

  • Should non-financial/norm proposals work mainly as a signal, or should we commit to the DAO decision and collectively work to enforce the norms?

  • Should we have a different voting scheme for social consensus, where the absolute majority of rep allocation is needed?

@Fran suggested we create a process on how to propose social norms to the DAO, if you’re interested in participating on this working group drop a comment bellow :zap:


The note docs of this call had some cool insight on it. heres the link

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@Felipe @FelipeDuarte Your link is to a restricted doc. “Need permission”.