SMS Stumbling Blocks

Hello, I’ve been trying to connect to the DAOstack community, but I’m not able to use applications that require SMS verification (twitter, telegram, discord). Is DAOtalk = DAOstack? Is this the best place to discuss DAOstack, that doesn’t require SMS? The technology seems very interesting, excited to learn more. Thanks in advance.

(Addition: Also SMS Stumbling Blocks for dxDAO and Gnosis, other than the GnosisPM subreddit.)

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Hey there!

DAOtalk is DAOstack focused, yes.

Feel free to use this discussion board as your place of contact.

One thing that you can do to get around SMS verification is to use Google voice’s free number setup.

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Thank you for this recommendation, but it doesn’t work for me, I don’t meet the requirements

I have view only access to the Discord community, and I see that it’s active. Maybe for this community I am an outlier in not having SMS. I’ve researched SMS extensively and have concluded that it’s flawed for various reasons. There are about 2 billion more internet users than SMS users.

Still, very impressed by the DAOstack technology, so I’ll use this forum, beggars can’t be choosers. dorgDAO, PolkaDAO and PragueDAO are open, and are good communities for discussing DAOstack, right?

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Hey, yes, anything on the forum is fair game. If you think we need another category for discussion feel free to reach out.

Most of the “meat” in the community is actually here so you’re not missing out necessarily – the chats are more casual in nature. We try to drive long-form content and deep discussions here.

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