SkyMine Labs Worker Recap and Payment 03/21 to 04/21

SkyMine Labs Worker Recap and Payment 03/21 to 04/21

[Recap and Payment] Biz Dev, Operations, Product, Strategy and Community request for worker compensation

I will be submitting a proposal with a Contribution Recap for the 3/21 to 4/21 period and a request for second payment.

My contributions spread across the following verticals, squads and products:
BizDev, Partnerships, Operations, Product (Omen, Swapr, Mesa, Governance), Strategy, Governance and Community

Contribution Recap:

Business Development & Strategy around Product:

  • DXdao product strategy
    • Support the creation and implementation of DXdao’s overall product strategy
    • Support the creation and publishing of DXdao Product Roadmap and the development of product Squads/Guilds
  • Omen
    • Supporting OMN token and Omen Guild creation and strategy
    • Help outline and publish the current Omen roadmap, objectives and budget and fit it into DXdao’s overall product strategy
    • Support the ongoing goals of the Omen Squad, its running on xDai and its future interaction with Omen Guild
    • Expand usage and awareness of Omen through partnerships in the space
    • Continue to work alongside design, developers and conditional token framework team on future of Omen especially tight integration and scaling solutions
    • Ongoing Product testing and improvement
    • Grow Omen user base, markets created and total value bet towards goals outline in OKRs
    • NEEDS FOCUS: Support additional Omen experiments such as Sponsored Gas txns, Omen Market Competitions and conditional farming
    • Participate in weekly Omen product meeting
  • Swapr
    • Product testing and advancement
    • With Swapr in action, explore strategic opportunities and partnerships with appropriate entities with the goal to increase usage of Swapr and tie business into the DXdao product suite.
    • Detailed Farming testing
    • Understanding and sharing the competitive landscape across DEXs and Scaling/L2 solutions
    • NEEDS FOCUS: Link Mesa IDO interest to Swapr’s success for secondary trading
  • Mesa
    • Contribute regular to Mesa Strategy team Squad
    • Support creation, testing and implementation of Mesa IDO solution
    • Support the pipeline for IDOs, and help attract IDOs to Mesa IDO in line with strategy goals (position other contributors to help achieve this goal)

Partnerships & Absorptions:

  • Prepare and lead some DXbiz calls
  • Support the DXbiz Squad and all related initiatives, including execution of roadmap/plan, opportunity tracking, prioritization and completion. Align with OKRs.
  • Help lead the absorption, tracking and execution of Opportunities.
  • Support progress along the DXbiz roadmap, objectives and budget and fit it into DXdao’s overall product strategy
  • Support expanding the number of and types of Partnerships that DXdao can benefit from
  • Regularly update the status of Opportunities and present on DXbiz meeting

Governance & Operations:

  • DXdao Governance discussions and improvement
  • Ongoing Treasury Management strategy and operations
  • Signal Proposal: Treasury Diversification Authorization Program - v2: Alchemy | DAOstack
  • Supporting any members that need help with xDXdao on xDai
  • Governance as a service - Push for implementation of DXdao participating in another DAO’s governance
  • DXdao Governance discussions and improvement
  • DXdao Guilds - with the DXguilds technical ability emerging, support implementation of these guilds where appropriate
  • Regular active contributions to across the forums, keybase and calls
  • Operations around DXdao Alchemy platform when necessary
  • Support DXdao’s REP management and distribution programs with programs like REP Boosts
  • Support creation and completion of a DXD Vesting platform that DXdao contributors can use easily and efficiently (already started)

Community Development & People Resources:

  • Lead the main DXdao Community Call on Thursdays (Recaps and Resource coordination) and introduction of DXdao Community Call

  • People Resources - Initiate the building of relationships with people and entities that can contribute to DXdao’s needs

  • Focus on growing the DXdao community and ecosystem, including DXdao’s representation in the developer community (xDai community), DAO community (Haus token), DeFi community.

  • Support DXdao video community communication

    • Record weekly calls and manage YouTube
    • MISSED: Expand DXdao related video content to other areas
  • MISSED: Meeting notes and follow-ups are much tougher while running meetings and back to back calls. (NEED someone to take this on - anyone want to?)

  • Support the execution of Panvala DXdao DeFi Community Awards this quarter - We now have two award winners again
    Nominated Award Winners for DXdao's Panvala League DeFi Community Awards Grant Q1 2021

  • People Resources and Recruiting

    • Work to fill current needs of DXdao
  • Leverage participation in other communities to spread DXdao interest and absorb in more talent - developer and non-developer

  • Communicate the benefits of contributing and joining DXdao

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: It has been very difficult to recruit and retain workers and even 3rd party shops for DXdao.

DXdao related past contributions:

Proposal Summary (Redo):

Recap of contribution and request for 2nd half of payment related to this proposal: Alchemy | DAOstack

Summary of full compensation would be:

On this proposal I am requesting the payment of ETH and REP and I will create a future proposal for the DXD vesting with following terms:

  • 12,000 USD worth of DXD based
  • Ref DXD all-time high $523.77
  • 12,000 USD / 523.77 = 22.91 DXD
  • To be paid in DXD in a vesting contract continuously for two years with a one year cliff. The vesting contract would use March 1, 2021 as the starting date of the vesting.

Payout Request:
2nd payment of 8,000 xDAI
0.3333% REP or 5,185.39 REP
(Mainnet REP for reference is: 1,555,620)
(equivalent # of REP in xDXdao will also be requested)


I’ll take the call minutes, Sky, you’ve already got too much on your plate. :+1:

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I mixed up my dates. I will be taking some days off in May (not April) so I updated/edited this Proposal Summary to account for this.

I will be including the time off in my future work proposal for May/June.


This contribution recap seems to cover nearly every product and function of DXdao but other than the V2 of the treasury diversification proposal, the public call videos, and the Panvala awards, what have the deliverables been?

To me, there seems to be a need for more focus and more achievable deliverables.

Regarding BizDev, Partnerships, Strategy, Governance, and Community, what results have been achieved?

Regarding Operations and products, what kind of “Support” are you engaged and why is your participation or support needed?

I realize that you are an engaged worker and I wouldn’t vote against this payout proposal, but I also won’t vote for it or support a continuing worker engagement until these concerns are addressed.

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Yeah, I can list some of the actual deliverables. As you might say, I do a bunch of stuff across all of DXdao, but actual deliverables can be a better measurement.

It would be great to hand off many of these tasks/deliverables to others so that I am able to focus and go deeper on more specific initiatives. As more DXdao products come online, more focus is needed to go into strategies and partnerships that lead to increasing users and growing product awareness. For example, conditional farming is one initiative I see huge promise in and would really like to get going but there are many moving parts and it would require a heavy focus.

Though I don’t think this is currently common practice, here is a list of some (not all) of my deliverables for the months of March and April 2021 grouped by category:

Business Development, Partnerships & Strategy around Product:

  • Kickstarted and worked on the creation of Omen Landing page
    Omen Landing Page - Sections & Content
    Omen Landing Page - Sections & Content - Google Docs

  • Created the formalization of the DXventures idea and worked with various stakeholders to draft and implement it into action.
    Idea for discussion: DXventures
    Signal Proposal: Support for DXventures
    Alchemy | DAOstack

  • DXbiz squad leader - was the main point of contact for all things related to BizDev opportunities. Focal point for any contributors to help put all Biz Dev opportunities into perspective, prioritization and obtain needed background info

  • Supported Nylon running the DXbiz Weekly call and ran it as well.

  • Curated Opolis opportunity into the DXventures funnel

  • Coordinated the DeepDAO DXventures opportunity including communication back to DeepDAO

  • Managed relationship with xDai technical team including support, promotions, and community

  • Introduced opportunity with HAUS token launch onto Swapr, and quick creation of a pool to try to capture the opportunity

  • Omen Squad actions, organization, ideas, tracking and progress

  • Active contributor to DXventures including fielding, filtering, handling and organizing incoming opportunities.

  • Swapr and Swapr Farming testing and associated github issues. Feedback leading to improvements and new ideas.

  • Mesa Strategy and Weekly call participant - focus around product, strategy, relation to DXdao’s suite, and goals.

  • Marketing and Communications Weekly participant - Coordination and strategy around our growing needs

  • Researched and shared why Web3 Dapps are separating landing page from App so DXdao can adapt

  • Contributing to Omen Guild and OMN token strategy and token economics and corresponding research. Bringing Omen knowledge and experience into the discussions.

  • Maintaining and building new relationships and discussions with external parties such as:
    1Hive, LevinSwap, Hats, Opolis, xDai, DeepDAO, 1inch, Greet, Hop Network, BrainTrustDAO, etc. (additional at request)

  • Contributed to design, developers on future of Omen and scaling solutions.

  • Contributed to research article about liquidity provisioning to Omen markets

Governance & Operations:

Community Development & People Resources:

  • Being a welcoming member of DXdao community open to helping others and offering assistance on any tasks people have questions with while working to maintain open productive communication in order to reach consensus.

  • Guidance and support to a fellow worker around a compromised wallet with loss of Funds and treatment of compromised REP
    An expensive lesson in cybersecurity and proposal for reimbursement of stolen funds
    Alchemy | DAOstack

  • Working with Contributor UX team to improve the processes including the flow of proposals, what the stages are and why they are important

  • Preparation and running of main DXdao Weekly meetings - both Recaps and Resources

  • DXdao - YouTube

  • Worked towards creation of DXdao Open Community Call to increase community engagement, and kicked first successful one off.

  • Pushed for introduction of POAPs into DXdao community in order to increase engagement and build community

  • Reinvigorated and actively pushed for DXdao’s Panvala League DeFi Community Awards
    Nominated Award Winners for DXdao’s Panvala League DeFi Community Awards Grant Q1 2021 (including representing DXdao in the Panvala community)

  • Outlining and creating the details for the Biz Dev Whiz position needed by DXdao

  • Guidance and support to new Biz Dev Whiz worker coming into the DXdao ecosystem.
    Working to position him for success and make sure he has the necessary knowledge to venture into this type of role.

  • Contributions to Month in Reviews for DXbiz and Omen

  • Active contribution to new DXdao logo ideas with Entrecasa including participation and proposing ideas, and being a part of the team trying to solve and implement this initiative

  • Creation of an L2 & sidechain guide for DXdao community while stressing the importance of L2 knowledge.
    Ethereum Layer 2 and Sidechain Bridge Bible - Ethereum Layer 2 and Sidechain Bridge Bible - HackMD

  • Clean up of Keybase channel names and descriptions that community said was needed

  • Formation of some of the single page descriptions from the recruiting doc.
    Pushing of Squads to complete this position write ups

  • Management of video call recording and uploading, and corresponding notes (Nathan is now helping with awesome detailed notes)

  • Put together an initiative to try to get Raid Guild to help work on behalf of DXdao. Paid the consultation fee and hosted a number of meetings to try to get things going. (but it wasn’t successful.)

  • Interviewed with a researcher from Weizenbaum-Institute for the Networked Society and Humboldt University of Berlin who is studying DXdao. (and gave him an open invitation to join and participate)

  • Represent DXdao in numerous outside communities to spread awareness and attract more contributors

  • Introduced and coordinated Qwellcode contributions before handing off to John

Would be great to hear some feedback on what initiatives/ideas DXdao community members think should be prioritized and why?


You clearly have made a lot of valuable contributions to operations and community development, helping to keep DXdao running. This is really important and you’ve been able to keep things from falling through the cracks.

Regarding business development, partnerships, strategy, and product, while it’s clear you are participating in a lot of conversations, it’s not clear to me what the goals and deliverables are that you should be measured by and what you’re really responsible for. In my view, business development should be a high priority for DXdao. Omen and Swapr are already great products and there is exciting stuff in the pipeline. And hopefully we will be able to fill the development gaps in the Mesa Squad and launch Mesa V2 before long as well.

What would make sense to me is for you to choose a focus of either operations or bizdev. In either case I think being hands on with the products, proposals, and public calls will remain a component. If you chose operations you could expand the responsibilities and goals, and DXdao could focus on assigning bizdez responsibilities elsewhere. If you chose bizdev, you could set more specific and meaningful goals, and DXdao could focus on assigning operations responsibilities elsewhere.

Hope this is helpful. Appreciate the active engagement, but my concern is that with such a wide breadth of involvement the result is that you are inundated with meetings and unable to live up to your potential of contributing to DXdao. And I think in general it’s important for DXdao contributors to clearly demonstrate where they are adding value.


I agree with John on this.

@sky you are contributing a lot and I think your work will be even more valuable and helpful for dxdao if you focus in one of this roles rather than both, having the option to choose is very cool!

if you decide to do it you can even help to “train” or “prepare” a new worker for the other role.

In future recap it would be better if you can add more information to verify the work you have done, not for me! because I read what you have done and I can vouch for most of it because Ive seen you around everywhere, but is a lot of stuff, so when someone new in the community or a dxd holder see the entire list it can be confusing.