SkyMine Labs Draft Worker Proposal 11/20 to 12/20

[Proposal] Biz Dev, Operations, Product, Strategy and Community request for worker compensation

I am submitting a proposal for current on-going and future contributions to the DXdao started November 1 and finishing December 31.

I have been contributing to DXdao for over 5.5 months on a part-time and then full-time basis. This proposal extends the role as a full time contributor for a two month period.

Below I have laid out a series of contributions and responsibilities which vary across different topics including product, strategy, business development, partnership, community, operations and internal DAO projects. I am open to changing and focusing depending on the needs of DXdao.

Proposed scope of contribution:

Business Development & Strategy around Product:

  • DXdao product strategy
    • Support the creation and implementation of DXdao’s overall product strategy
    • Support the creation and publishing of DXdao Product Roadmap
  • Omen
    • Outline and publish the current Omen Roadmap and fit it into DXdao’s overall product strategy
    • Support the set-up and execution of the Omen Squad outlined here
    • Support and expand the operations of Omen squad - providing statistics and results of the experiments and learnings to DXdao with the goal to make it a profitable venture for DXdao (this includes making sure all the operational pieces are in place to allow this to work)
    • With Omen becoming more mature and soon having xDai capabilities, expand the usage and awareness of Omen through partnerships in the space
    • Continue to work alongside design and developers on future of Omen
    • Product testing
    • Omen Dashboard - Omen needs this. Via bounties or directly, push for this solution. One that users and liquidity providers can use that tells them everything they need to know - Think “Zapper for Omen”
    • Create additional assets to improve the Omen experience such as guides like “How to Use Omen” guide
    • Grow Omen users
    • Support Omen experiments such as Sponsored Gas txns
    • Start up an Omen-focused strategy call
  • Swapr
    • Product testing and advancement
    • With Swapr in action, explore strategic opportunities and partnerships with appropriate entities with the goal to increase usage of Swapr and tie business into the DXdao product suite.
    • Dive deeper into the opportunities that Swapr’s ecosystem allows with social tokens
    • Link Mesa IDO interest to Swapr’s success for secondary trading
  • Mesa
    • Support testing
    • Explore how Mesa or a version of it can be a better solution for IDOs

Partnerships & Absorptions:

  • Support expanding the number of and types of Partnerships that DXdao can benefit from (more like Status Partnership
  • Help DXdao coordinate the absorbing of ideas, workers, protocols and other thoughts to make DXdao stronger.
  • Support DXdao’s involvement in Gitcoin hackathon with 1kx
  • Explore the idea of a DXhackathon to build up the developer ecosystem around DXdao’s product suite (Research, organize, plan and eventually execute) Timing still unknown.

Governance & Operations:

  • DXdao Governance discussions and improvement
  • Actively contribute to the Governance 2.0 Working Group
  • Governance as a service - Answer how can DXdao Governance-as-a-Service be expanded?
  • DXdao Governance discussions and improvement
  • DXdao Guilds - with the DXguilds technical ability emerging, support implementation of these guilds where appropriate
  • Regular active contributions to across the forums, keybase and calls
  • Operations around DXdao Alchemy platform when necessary
  • Support DXdao’s REP management and distribution programs with programs like REP Boosts
  • Support creation and completion of a DXD Vesting platform that DXdao contributors can use easily and efficiently (already started)

Community Development & People Resources:

  • People Resources - Building relationship with people and entities that can contribute to DXdao’s needs (ex BlockRocket, individual developers)

  • Focus on growing the DXdao community and ecosystem, including DXdao’s representation in the developer community, DAO community, DeFi community.

  • Manage DXdao video community communication

    • Record weekly calls and manage YouTube
    • Expand DXdao related video content to other areas
  • Push DXdao’s initiatives related to other communities

    • Example: DXdao’s deeper participation in Panvala League allowing DXdao to direct open source funds focused on DeFi and decentralization.
  • Trial Urbit for DXdao

  • Other initiatives DXdao comes up with

  • People Resources and Recruiting

    • Work to fill current needs of DXdao
  • Leverage participation in other communities to spread DXdao interest and absorb in more talent - developer and non-developer

  • Communicate the the benefits of contributing and joining DXdao

DXdao related past contributions:

Proposal Summary:

Based on the latest worker compensation guidelines, I am identifying as a full-time contributor with experience level 5 (experience summary here).

The full compensation summary for entity SkyMine Labs:

  • 16,000 USD to be paid in ETH with 50% to be paid when the proposal gets approved and 50% on 12/31/2020 when the work agreement finishes.
  • 12,000 USD to be paid DXD in a vesting contract continuously for two years with a one year cliff.
    The DXD price is taken from the buy price of at the time of creation. The vesting contract would be created and funded in the final payment on 12/31/2020 and use 11/01/2020 as the starting date of the vesting.
  • 0.3333% REP to be requested on completion at 12/31/2020

Feedback/comments welcome