SkyMine Labs Draft Worker Proposal 01/21 to 02/21

[Proposal] Biz Dev, Operations, Product, Strategy and Community request for worker compensation

I am submitting a proposal for current on-going and future contributions to the DXdao started January 1, 2021 and finishing February 28, 2021.

I have been contributing to DXdao for over 8 months on a part-time and then full-time basis. This proposal extends the role as a full time contributor for a two month period.

Below I have laid out a series of contributions and responsibilities which vary across different topics including product, strategy, business development, partnership, community, operations and internal DAO projects. I am open to changing and focusing contributions depending on the needs of DXdao.

Proposed scope of contribution:

Business Development & Strategy around Product:

  • DXdao product strategy
    • Support the creation and implementation of DXdao’s overall product strategy
    • Support the creation and publishing of DXdao Product Roadmap and the development of product Squads/Guilds
  • Omen
    • Help outline and publish the current Omen roadmap, objectives and budget and fit it into DXdao’s overall product strategy
    • Support the ongoing goals of the Omen Squad, its expansion to xDai and its growth in a more robust Omen Guild
    • Explore how to expand usage and awareness of Omen through partnerships in the space
    • Continue to work alongside design, developers and conditional token framework team on future of Omen
    • Product testing and improvement
    • Grow Omen user base, markets created and total value bet towards goals outline in OKRs
    • Support additional Omen experiments such as Sponsored Gas txns, Omen Market Competitions and conditional farming
    • Participate in weekly Omen product meeting
  • Swapr
    • Product testing and advancement
    • With Swapr in action, explore strategic opportunities and partnerships with appropriate entities with the goal to increase usage of Swapr and tie business into the DXdao product suite.
    • Link Mesa IDO interest to Swapr’s success for secondary trading
  • Mesa
    • Contribute regular to Mesa Strategy team Squad
    • Support creation, testing and implementation of Mesa IDO solution
    • Explore how Mesa IDO can be a better solution for IDOs
    • Help bring IDOs to Mesa IDO in line with strategy goals

Partnerships & Absorptions:

  • Support organization of the DXbiz Guild, including roadmap/plan, opportunity tracking, prioritization and completion. Align with OKRs.
  • Help lead the absorption, tracking and execution of Opportunities around.
  • Help outline and publish the DXbiz roadmap, objectives and budget and fit it into DXdao’s overall product strategy
  • Support expanding the number of and types of Partnerships that DXdao can benefit from
  • Regularly update the status of Opportunities and present on DXbiz meeting
  • Explore the idea of a DXhackathon to build up the developer ecosystem around DXdao’s product suite (Research, organize, plan and eventually execute) Timing still unknown.

Governance & Operations:

  • DXdao Governance discussions and improvement
  • Actively contribute to the Governance 2.0 Working Group
  • Governance as a service - Start to push for implementation of DXdao participating in another DAO’s governance
  • DXdao Governance discussions and improvement
  • DXdao Guilds - with the DXguilds technical ability emerging, support implementation of these guilds where appropriate
  • Regular active contributions to across the forums, keybase and calls
  • Operations around DXdao Alchemy platform when necessary
  • Support DXdao’s REP management and distribution programs with programs like REP Boosts
  • Support creation and completion of a DXD Vesting platform that DXdao contributors can use easily and efficiently (already started)

Community Development & People Resources:

  • People Resources - Building relationship with people and entities that can contribute to DXdao’s needs (ex BlockRocket, individual developers)

  • Focus on growing the DXdao community and ecosystem, including DXdao’s representation in the developer community, DAO community, DeFi community.

  • Support DXdao video community communication

    • Record weekly calls and manage YouTube
    • Expand DXdao related video content to other areas
  • Continue to support meeting notes with follow-ups

  • Other initiatives DXdao comes up with

  • People Resources and Recruiting

    • Work to fill current needs of DXdao
  • Leverage participation in other communities to spread DXdao interest and absorb in more talent - developer and non-developer

  • Communicate the benefits of contributing and joining DXdao

DXdao related past contributions:

Proposal Summary:

Based on the latest worker compensation guidelines, I am identifying as a full-time contributor with experience level 5 (experience summary here).

Summary of full compensation would be:

  • 16,000 USD to be paid in ETH (or DAI if available) with 50% to be paid when the proposal gets approved and 50% on 02/28/2021 when the work agreement finishes.
  • 12,000 USD to be paid in DXD in a vesting contract continuously for two years with a one year cliff when the work agreement finishes. The vesting contract would be created and funded in the final payment on 02/28/2021 and use 01/01/2021 as the starting date of the vesting.
  • 0.3333% REP to be requested on completion at 02/28/2021

Feedback welcome