SkyMine Labs Draft Contributor Proposal 05/21 to 06/21

SkyMine Labs Draft Contributor Proposal 05/21 to 06/21

I am submitting a proposal for current on-going and future contributions to the DXdao started May 1, 2021 and finishing June 30, 2021.

I have been contributing to DXdao for over 12 months. This proposal extends the role as a contributor for a two month period.

My previous recap of deliverables was fully in line with what was outlined in my 3/21 - 4/21 proposal.

Following some feedback received during the recap of my 3/21 - 4/21 proposal, some have expressed a desire for a person to spend more time focused on the DXbiz vertical. With that in mind, I am figuring out how to adjust where I will focus my attention, which will now revolve more around product usage and business development opportunities around DXdao’s products.

Previously, the DXbiz vertical was only about 10-15% of my time, and the plan is to increase this to 70-80%.

What I plan to focus on and be responsible for:


  • DXbiz squad leader - Coordinating DXdao’s BizDev opportunities and acting as a main internal point of contact for all things related to these opportunities.

  • DXdao is a decentralized collective. Business Development opportunities will and should come from all over the place. All contributors, REP holders, DXD holders and community members should be doing things that benefit DXdao. However it is helpful to have a point of contact that people can reach out to ask questions, learn background or see direction from. I can fill this roll.

  • Includes the organization of and tracking of DXbiz opportunities. Checking in with points of contact and status for each opportunity

  • Opportunities focused on connecting DXdao and it’s products to other communities

  • Providing knowledge to Squads on the related product landscapes and strategies to take

  • Initiating, building and maintaining relationships and discussions on behalf of DXdao with external parties in the ecosystem

  • Partnerships: Will work to find the rights ones, introduce them to DXdao and push for them

  • Deliver reports of actions taken and opportunity progress to the DXdao community

  • Deliver the creation and implementation of a DXbiz Huddle (and maybe channel) where we run through the ongoing opportunities.

    • Omen biz:

      • Omen product related BizDev opportunities (including initiatives that aim to improve Omen, its markets, its user base and its overall success)
      • Support the ongoing goals of Omen Squad as a tool to grow awareness of Omen
      • Strategies related to making Omen product user experience better
      • Strong Focus: Conditional Farming use case exploration - Explore what needs to happen for Omen to open conditional farming opportunities for DXdao and to projects across the space, and aim to get this moving.
      • Deliver the creation, running of and outcomes of Omen Markets Competitions
      • Deliver a full outline and strategy for the steps forward on how Conditional Farming can work for DXdao’s use case, outside use cases, and the steps needed to get there. And then work to move this forward. Coordinate with Federico to determine where it should sit - within Omen or as its own product and technical differences.
    • Swapr biz:

      • Swapr product related BizDev opportunities
      • Contribute to strategy around how SWPR token and guild connect with business opportunities
      • Deliver bringing in communities/projects that can leverage Swapr for liquidity pools and farming campaigns (will eventually tie in nicely with Mesa)
    • Mesa biz:

      • Contribute regularly to Mesa Strategy team Squad
      • Planning strategies related to Mesa opening opportunities for DXdao’s products
      • Position other contributors to help achieve Mesa goals


  • Continue to drive DXventures and its related opportunities to solve the needs of DXdao and successfully deliver returns.
  • Coordinating the funnel of opportunities for DXventures
  • Deliver the next successful DXventures opportunity to completion

Marketing and Community:

  • Remain a welcoming member of DXdao community open to helping others and offering assistance on any tasks people have questions with while working to maintain open productive communication in order to reach consensus.

  • Continue to participate on the Marketing Squad and strategies related to comms

  • Deliver the preparation and running of main DXdao Weekly meeting (Recaps) and supporting the Community Call

  • Deliver the Coordination of DXdao’s video content: DXdao - YouTube


  • My goal is to offload and delegate many of the other tasks/deliverables that I previously did to open more time for the tasks outlined in this proposal. If needed, I will of course help out, but hopefully these can be taken on by other contributors.
  • I will help DXdao, its governance process, its treasury management and any other tasks that are needed, but not in the same capacity that I was doing before. If needed, please ask for my help.

DXdao related past contributions:

Proposal Summary:

Based on the latest worker compensation guidelines, I am identifying as a full-time contributor with experience level 5.

I have taken off two days during the first week of May and estimate that I will be taking another 4 days off during this period, so only working 37 of 43 working days in May/Jun (~86%)
16,000 * 86% = 13,760 xDai
10,320 * 86% = 10,320 DXD
0.3333% * 86% = 0.2867% REP

Summary of compensation would be:

  • 13,760 USD to be paid in xDai with 50% to be paid when the proposal gets approved and 50% on 06/30/2021 when the work agreement finishes.
  • Approval for: 10,320 USD to be paid in DXD in a vesting contract continuously for two years with a one year cliff when the work agreement finishes. The vesting contract would be created and funded in the future after 06/30/2021 and use 05/01/2021 as the starting date of the vesting.
  • 0.2867% mainnet REP to be earned on completion at 06/30/2021 - (equivalent # of REP in xDXdao will also be requested)