SkyMine Labs - Contributor Proposal Recap 11/22 to 12/22

I will be submitting a retroactive proposal recap for past contributions to DXdao during the period Nov 1, 2022 and finishing Dec 31, 2022.

My large focus during this period was to help get DXdao and Guilds in a position to move forward.

My contribution focus was about 40% DXbiz, 10% DXvoice, 15% Governance, 5% DXventures, 30% Other/ContributorX/Product/Testing/Strategy/Security.

I spent much of the period focused on:

  • Helping DXdao contributors in any way needed (internal conversations, advice, strategy, perspective and more)
  • Supporting squads to develop their budgets and paths (and milestones and responsibilities)
  • Helping with input on DXdao figuring out its path forward
  • Working to help improve communication between Squads within DXdao
  • Facilitating and helping any DXbiz-related people that can add value to DXdao

DXbiz: Executing on regular ongoing responsibilities while also working on other related initiatives including:

  • Creating and presenting “Why On-Chain Matters” at DAOhaus’ DAOcember.
  • Providing DXbiz related strategies for Squads
  • Creating and sharing DXbiz squad offering
  • DXbiz Squad budget
  • Voice Guild budget strategies
  • CoW grant opportunity progression and future opportunities
  • CoW data analysis and referrer comparison
  • Input on Swapr strategy
  • Starting the work, relationship and set-up towards a new technical mechanism for deciding DXdao’s priorities


  • Analyzing a number of DXventures opportunities while gauging the position of DXventures in the future path of DXdao
  • Mediating Nimi contributor opportunities


  • Discovering critical front-end vulnerability in DXvote (our only working front-end at the time) that put the full mainnet DAO treasury at risk (method of hiding what a proposal actually does)
  • DAVI usage, testing, improvements and feedback - experimental/power product user and risk detecting improving the usability and safety of product
  • Governance landscape product strategy with DXgov squad
  • Forcing the reintroducing of an opportunity with Zodiac for DAVI and driving the idea forward

Self Evaluation: The following is a self-evaluation on what I’ve done well, okay, and not well.

  • Did Well: A constant focus on helping to make DXdao a better place with a better mission and better communication in an environment that contributors want to be a part of.
  • Did OK: Not losing focus on the goals and progress of DXdao given all that is going on
  • Needs Improvement: This retroactive proposal is outside of normal timing guidelines.

Proposal Summary:

I am applying an 85% of full percentage for November 2022 and 70% of full percentage for December 2022 due to participation in outside commitments, personal matters and travel.

Summary of compensation would be:

  • 13,950 xDAI (9,000 x 85% = 7,650 plus 9,000 x 70% = 6,300 = 13,950) to be paid when the proposal gets approved
  • Approval for: 14,725 USD (9,500 x 85% = 8,075 plus 9,500 x 70% = 6,650 = 14,725) to be paid in DXD in a vesting contract continuously for three years with a one year cliff when the contribution agreement finishes. The vesting contract would be created and funded in the future after 12/31/2022 and use 11/01/2022 as the starting date of the vesting.
  • 0.2584% mainnet REP (0.16666% x 85% = 0.1417% plus 0.16666% x 70% = 0.1167% = 0.2584%) & equivalent # of REP in DXdao base on Gnosis Chain will also be requested)
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