SkyMine Labs - 9/22 to 10/22 Contribution Recap

I will be submitting a proposal with a Contribution Recap for the 9/22 to 10/22 period and a request for second payment.

I continue to estimate my contribution focus to be 50% DXbiz, 10% DXventures, 10% DXvoice, 10% Governance, 20% Other/ContributorX/Product/Testing/Strategy.

In addition to my focus and responsibilities outlined in my Contributor Proposal, the below list is some of the SkyMine Labs contribution highlights for the Sep’22-Oct’22 period:

  • Represented DXdao at MCON2 in Denver, one of the best DAO events of the year. The attendance was full of DAO-focused contributors from all over the world. Active sharing and promotion of DXdao at events like this has led to DXdao, it products and it governance and operational practices becoming far more recognizable in the DAO space.
    • Secured a spot to present a talk on “Unconquerable Product Ownership” highlighting what it takes to builder unstoppable, censorship-resistant products
    • Shared Swapr.eth as the main example, highlighting Swapr owned by DXdao to attendees as being one of the best examples of an unconquerable product.
  • Represented DXdao on a Chainlink-hosted panel about “DAOs, DApps & Digitization” alongside Kevin Owocki (Gitcoin), Yalor Mewn (MCON), and Dennison Bertram (Tally).
  • DXdao merch at MCON2
  • Proposed the use of a professional communication facilitator during DXretreat who has deep knowledge of the DAO and DeFi spaces and has experience leading technical teams in the Ethereum world for many years and the importance of this for DXdao. It wasn’t supported because we had prior plans in the works. I still think this professional could help DXdao largely.
  • Created a Contributor-Sourcing DXbiz Collaboration initiative as an exercise to expand the opportunity field within DXdao.
  • Introduced a proposal to implement rotation program on the main DXdao multisigs
  • Increased attention and time towards helping with Infinite Genesis - initiating the Infinite Squad, organizing, gathering potential participant feedback, coordination, recruiting and more
  • Originating the idea of making DXdao a stronger force attached to Infinite Hackathon for awareness purposes. At first the DXdao brand was hidden from most of Infinite.
  • Presented on “DAOs & Unconquerable Product Ownership” in the headline time spot at The DAOist Bogota to a packed audience, again highlighting Swapr as a great example.
  • Secured the opportunity for Ross to present on “Accessible Autonomy” at The DAOist Bogota
  • Meat of October was focused on in person representation of DXdao at events in Colombia including Devcon and numerous other events. A notable highlight was sharing DAO knowledge over breakfast with Aya and V.
  • Participating in DXretreat focused on getting the DXdao ship moving in the right direction.
  • Shared Follow-up from the DXretreat and why this part is so important
  • Ongoing input into the Restructuring and Refocus conversations
  • Forming ideas for how DXbiz squad wants to move forward
  • Organization and creation of a DXbiz Update & Contributions Over the Past Year summary which includes detailed highlights around:
    • Growth of DXdao Awareness
    • DXbiz Squad’s responsibilities and regular tasks
    • Management of DXdao external relationships
    • DXbiz opportunity explorations
    • DXbiz integrations
    • DXdao internal initiatives
    • DXbiz event-related actions
    • Infinite Genesis work
    • DXventures oversight
    • DXbiz interacting with DXvoice and its operations
    • DXbiz interacting with DXdao product squads around testing, support and improvement for Swapr, Carrot, Jolt, and DXvote/DAVI
    • DXbiz interacting with DXdao Governance including DXbiz Gov Operations
    • DXbiz & Treasury Management
    • Push for leveraging DXdao Capital on Swapr
    • Summary
    • and Things for Improvement
  • Creation of the DXbiz presentation outlook & expanding the opportunity field (including contributions and ideas for moving forward)
  • Secured spot to share Nimi on the Foresight Venture & Chainlink’s The revolution of Web3 culture and entertainment panel
  • Continued organizing of DXbiz opportunities, DXbiz Huddle and DXbiz Weekly Gathering


  • Kickstarting the Swapr Growth cross-squad
  • Suggesting coordination and more promotion around privacy at the forefront compared to others
  • Proposed a new Swapr simulation feature idea that would attract attention and be novel in the space. Others are now implementing.
  • Troubleshooting and improvement finding


  • Providing detailed major feedback for the initial release of DAVI
  • Continued attention to DAVI
  • Working with Ross on strategic opportunities for DAVI

DXD Token Working group:

  • Participating and bringing ideas to the DXD Token Working group discussions

Self Evaluation: The following is a self-evaluation on what I’ve done well, okay, and not well.

  • Did Well: Thinking about the future paths of DXdao, what the core structural issues are and what needs to be done to position DXdao to succeed. Increasing exposure for DXdao, Swapr and Infinite.
  • Did OK: Communications channels with squads are now more open and honest than previously. Understanding why they were closed and addressing these issues further will continue to improve things.
  • Needs Improvement: Transferring knowledge to those who are asking for it. Need to address the loss of a highly valuable core DXdao contributor. I keep aiming to share the importance and value of DXdao expanding its opportunity field, but so far this is not being communicated well enough to gain its needed momentum or consensus.

As outlined in my kickoff proposal, my commitment percentage was 85% for September and October 2022.

Proposal Summary:

Summary of compensation would be:

  • 7,650 USD to be paid in xDai (9,000 xDAI x 85% = 7,650)
  • Approval for: 16,150 USD (9,500 x 85% = 8,075 plus 9,500 x 85% = 8,075 = 16,150) to be paid in DXD in a vesting contract continuously for three years with a one year cliff when the work agreement finishes. The vesting contract would be created and funded in the future after 10/31/2022 and use 09/01/2022 as the starting date of the vesting.
  • 0.24165% mainnet REP (0.16666% x 85% = 0.14166% plus 0.16666% x 85% = 0.14166% = 0.28332%) to be earned on completion at 10/31/2022 - (equivalent # of REP in xDXdao will also be requested)


You have proposed payment for a Level 8 worker proposal after some pretty damning feedback on your last post, which is unanswered. I’ll be downstaking this proposal with 600,000 GEN until you have addressed this feedback properly. To frontrun any false narrative building, I am not going to GEN attack the governance process indefinitely just because I think you should disengage from DXdao, but for the protection of DXD holders’ interests, you are going to address the feedback I spent time writing out before you’re paid another cent. You do realize DXD holders have funded your $222k/yr expenses for quite a while, right? Would appreciate you acknowledging that with the respect of a justification on why we should continue before you just coast along further.


I created a post to try to address many of the concerns that you have and, where possible, provide potential solutions.

You can find it here: SkyMine Labs - Contributor Proposal 9/22 to 10/22 - #4 by itmNFT