SkyMine Labs - 5/22 to 6/22 Contribution Recap

I will be submitting a proposal with a Contribution Recap for the 5/22 to 6/22 period and a request for second payment.

I continue to estimate my contribution focus to be 55% DXbiz, 10% DXventures, 10% DXvoice, 10% Governance, 15% Other/ContributorX/Product/Testing/Strategy.

In addition to my focus and responsibilities outlined in my Contributor Proposal, the below list is some of the SkyMine Labs contribution highlights for the May’22-Jun’22 period:

  • Driving the initiative for DXdao to support Dawn by The DAOist
  • Represented DXdao on the GnosisDAO community Call on Twitter spaces
  • Raising, and contributing to outlining and developing a solution to DXdao’s mainnet REP sync issue and elevating the Importance of tidy REP
  • DXvote usage, testing and raising key questions - asking important hard questions about DXgov and DXvote that leads to good discussion and clearer communications being shared by the DXgov squad and better understanding for the community
  • Carrot testing
  • Ideation, coordination and planning of DXdao event in Paris with Gnosis Chain and GitPOAP
  • Helping to kickstart, support and organize around DXhackathon and selling the idea
  • Working to devise a solution to building a treasury management solution with Karpatkey
  • Participating on the “DeFi and DAOs” panel at DeFi Austin
  • Representing DXdao on “Just DAO It” Podcast
  • Representing DXdao at the Ethereal Assembly DAO-focused NYC event
  • Representing DXdao on a Panel (“What you don’t know about DAOs”) at DAO Planet NYC
  • Continuing to help drive the initiative to integrate COW protocol into Swapr
  • Continued organizing of DXbiz opportunities, DXbiz Huddle and DXbiz Weekly Gathering

Self Evaluation: The following is a self-evaluation on what I’ve done well, okay, and not well.

  • Did Well: A large focus for the DXbiz Squad is tasks, initiatives and representation of DXdao into different communities and environments with the goal to bring additional awareness to DXdao and its products. I believe that I alongside the DXbiz Squad are continuing to expand on this each month. Many actions, small and large, lead to achieving this goal
  • Did OK: Though it can have friction, I think hard questions are important in DXdao and can lead to conversation that improves things including sharing of information and more open dialogue about the state of things.
  • Needs Improvement: I should do a better job of raising these topics and bringing them to discussion in the correct environment, making them easier for people to have open dialogue without causing initial conflict.

As outlined in my kickoff proposal, my commitment percentage for June is 90% so I am adjusting accordingly.

Proposal Summary:

Summary of compensation would be:

  • 8,100 USD to be paid in xDai (9,000 xDAI x 90% = 8,100)
  • Approval for: 17,100 USD (19,000 x 90% = 17,100) to be paid in DXD in a vesting contract continuously for three years with a one year cliff when the work agreement finishes. The vesting contract would be created and funded in the future after 6/30/2022 and use 05/01/2022 as the starting date of the vesting.
  • Zero REP will be claimed on this contributor proposal

Payout Request in this Proposal:
8,100 xDAI