SkyMine Labs - 05/21 to 06/21 Contributor Recap

I will be submitting a proposal with a Contribution Recap for the 5/21 to 6/21 period and a request for second payment.

This proposal is to recap my May & June 2021 Proposal.



  • Active member of DXdao Marketing/Comms Squad - with focus on product related DXbiz communications, and context within the ecosystem
  • Rebranding strategy and development with Keenan and Zett alongside Entrecasa
  • Contributed to the idea, set-up and running of the Marketing/Communications Squad multisig
  • Delivered the preparation and running of main DXdao Weekly meeting (Recaps) and supporting the Community Call.
  • Delivered the coordination of DXdao’s video content: DXdao - YouTube
  • Developed some leads for Head of Marketing position


  • Omen product testing including WalletConnect across various mobile wallets
  • Swapr farming testing
  • Contributed to SWPR token strategy
  • Mesa strategy, testing and feedback around MVP
  • DXvote testing and feedback around MVP

I was able to offload or delegate some of the other tasks/deliverables that I previously was responsible for including tasks related to treasury management.

Time-off reference: I planned to take 6 days off across the two months, and took 4 days off:

May 4, May 7, Jun 10, Jun 11

Worked 39 of 43 working days in May/Jun (~90.7%)
$16,000 * 90.7% = 14,512 xDai
$12,000 * 90.7% = $10,884 of DXD
0.3333% * 90.7% = 0.3023% REP

Proposal Summary:

Recap of contribution and request for 2nd half of payment related to this proposal: Alchemy | DAOstack

Summary of compensation would be:

  • 7,632 USD to be paid in xDai (14,512 xDAI less 6,880 xDai already paid)
  • Approval for: 10,884 USD to be paid in DXD in a vesting contract continuously for two years with a one year cliff when the work agreement finishes. Ref DXD all-time high $523.77 . The vesting contract would be created and funded using 05/01/2021 as the starting date of the vesting.
  • 0.3023% mainnet REP (equivalent # of REP in xDXdao will also be requested)

Payout Request:
7,632 xDAI
0.3023% of Mainnet REP
(equivalent # of REP in xDXdao will also be requested)