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Hello all,
I am preparing a proposal for a reputation to ask for me, here is the link: what else would people think would be needed in a proposal?

Here is my proposal link:

Full text here as well: 100 Rep for Theo Dounas

I am an architect (of real buildings), researcher and teacher. I am leading a research project that seeks to integrate Blockchain technologies with Building Information Modelling, initial through design and software proof of concepts. You can find more on what we have published here:

/ One of our prototypes is a DAO, called Blockchain Grammars, that seeks to validate the concept of designing through a DAO.

Joining the Genesis Alpha will allow me to contribute to the community, understand all of the mechanisms under which the DAO and alchemy work with, but also disseminate the concepts of decentralised governance, holographic consensus. Through participation in Genesis Alpha, I will be able to shape our Blockchain Grammars DAO, but also contribute back to Genesis through participating in calls, proposals, etc. To make this effective I would need reputation, so please support my asking of reputation. Having participated in other open source communities before I am aware of the nature and community behaviours needed to make this experiment a success.

More about me here:

I have a PhD in computation in architecture and have published extensively in the field.

In my day job I work as a researcher and tutor at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and the Built Environment, (Robert Gordon University)

In my free time I participate in architectural design competitions with my office Adventurous Architecture.

How does the proposal promote the Genesis Alpha Objectives

The proposal will allow the addition of another researcher to the Genesis Alpha community, bringing additional experience and resources to the DAO. It will also enable me to work in detail to develop our prototype, A DAO dedicated to making design decisions for architecture and urban design, extending the use case for


Your feedback is welcome,
all the best

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Hey Theo,

I would say the proposal is good as is. Iā€™m very excited to learn more about your use case surrounding the GrammarDAO!