Signal Proposal: ETHDenver 2022 Sponsorship Opportunity for DXdao

This post is to outline a timely signal proposal for DXdao to have a strong presence and participation at ETHDenver 2022 and collaborate with its surrounding community.

As discussed on Monday’s DXbiz Weekly Gathering, DXdao has an opportunity to tie itself in with the ETHDenver community and participate in the main event hackathon.

ETHDenver is probably the largest and most important Ethereum Hackathon in the Americas.

Keep in mind that ETHDenver is free for ALL of its participants and is fully funded and supported by its Sponsors, some VERY unique in our space.

You can see many details here:

The main hackathon event is Feb 17-20. There is also a Virtual Kickoff + #BUIDL Week starting Feb 11.

After community discussion, there is some consensus to target the Meta Sponsorship Package (for exact details please message me). But here are some high levels points:

  • Sponsorship of the main ETHDenver Hackathon
  • DXdao will have the opportunity to enter Bounties during the hackathon, and would be ideal to have technical team members available to mentor and guide hackers
  • This also includes the opportunity to conduct a workshop or join a panel
  • Marketing and Comms (we can come up with some unique ideas around this too)
  • Contributor attendees “looked after”

At this point the thought is that DXgov and Carrot could both be in an interesting position for hackers to build on and use in their hacks.

We can also be as specific with our bounties as we like.

Support of this signal proposal would enable the movement of ~$20k in support of ETHDenver

Alpha: It won’t hurt you to have your own Bufficorn:

There are some other ideas for DXdao to do a lot more with SporkDAO, like:
Invest in/alongside Bufficorn Ventures which will have access to invest in projects coming out of the hackathon and surrounding opportunities
Explore a token Swap between DXdao and SporkDAO which oversees ETHDenver, ColoradoJam, Bufficorn Ventures and Community, aligning interests further
We will also explore a special opportunity for DXdao to host a small value additive event within the ETHDenver confines during the main event.

Proposal Summary:
The Sponsorship cost would be about $20k.
Any bounties would be in addition to that

The below Pool will help guide this initiative ahead of a decision and more formal proposal. Please vote:

  • Support ETHDenver Sponsorship
  • Don’t Support Sponsorship
  • No Opinion

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