Signal Discussion for DXdao to participate in ETHonline (Sept 17 - Oct 15, 2021)

ETHglobal’s upcoming event is ETHonline

The dates are: Sept 17 - Oct 15, 2021

There has been regular interest from the community to participate in these very recognizable events.
We currently have an opportunity to get involved.

The plan would be to have a quick open signal discussion here in the forum and on the next DXdao call.

The Communications and Marketing multi-sig has already been allocated funds, and one of these allocations is Hackathons and
ETH events.

The ideal targeted package would be $10k for DXdao to participate. There would also be a ~$5k hackathon prize on top of this, awarded to a team building something in the DXdao ecosystem.

Also, if you have any specific questions about exact logistics or details, please feel reach out to the DXvoice squad.


  • Grow awareness of DXdao and its products
  • Attract developers
  • Participate alongside prominent names in the community. Elevate DXdao.

Thoughts and feedback appreciated.


It’s not possible to celebrate what’s possible on Ethereum without exploring DXdao. The ETH Online community needs DXdao as much as DXdao needs it, even if they don’t know it yet. DXdao can do more to spread the word about what it does and how it’s done, in order to inspire others. There’s only one way to find out whether this works. If there is enough bandwidth to participate, we should at least try.


ETH Global has put on great events in the past and expect ETHonline to attract hundreds of developers. It will also help build DXdao’s brand with the industry at large as lots of non-developers may watch the speakers or check out projects from the hackathon (investors looking for projects to fund).

I agree with @Arhat that the bigger obstacle is our bandwidth. It would be great to have developer support during the hackathon (a recruiting opportunity?). We’d also need a prize that fits our product needs - cross-chain? DXgov?. The $5k prize needs to be thought out. I’m not sure we’ve done a good job of coming up with bounties/prizes. Is there a deadline for this or any process for what the prize criteria is?

Broadly speaking, we should be doing these type of marketing opporutnities every month but need to develop a process for coming up with ideas/content and also finding consensus on cost.
I support


A big yes from me to try this, I think we have already seen some great success in previous hackathons, and I’m personally a big fan of the whole thing.

This is Critical, if we don’t have a developer / a DXdao native support then people will simply not participate or build for our bounties.

Some Todos:

  • Each DXdao member should dedicate 1-2 hours a week for the ETHGlobal discord / DXdao channel
  • Owner for ETHGlobal hackathon – This should be a at least 50% of someone’s time in DXdao to champion our participation.
  • Prepare a list of ideas and examples of what we would like to see built / implemented.

+100 for giving the winners REP as well as $$

Let put actionable metrics on each of those and figure out how if we have met these goals after the hackathon.

  • Get X amount of exposure on our twitter showcasing our pick for the hackathon winner
  • Attract X developers to work part / full time under DXdao
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