Signal discussion - Advertisement dxDAO, Mesa, Omen on Forklog

Hi everyone - is popular source of crypto information in post USSR countries.
I want propose to buy info kit on this website for dxDAO, Mesa, Omen advertisement
The summer offer includes

  • News - 1500 USD
  • Article - 2000 USD
  • Banner kit - 1500 USD
  • forklog telegram group promotion - 600 USD
    Total price - 4960 USD (normal price for same pack is 6200 USD)
  • 300 USD for personal time to lead this work. dxDAO need this?

What’s the point of advertising to a Russian audience if there is no Russian translation to anything?

After Mesa UAX promotion there are demand for russian language info about dxDAO, Mesa, Omen. I see Forklog news, articles as good start point to attract wide audience. Generally a lot russian speaking traders have good english reading skills.

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A little marketing can go a long way, especially at this stage. Especially in non-English media.
Could generate some value; sounds like a good idea to me.

I am personally not a fan to pay for advertisement, especially if we don`t know what we get out of it. Do we know how many russians we could reach with that package?

Will we get members or investors with it? I believe the DXdao should strongly focus on getting valuable members to the organisation, not more investors.

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I think it is important for DXdao to try and expand its audience and membership worldwide.

Along the lines of what @Scoopy mentioned, do you know @ykplayer8 what it might cost to first get a Russian language translation of dxdao.eth and/or key documents? Does it make sense to first focus on building DXdao resources in a local language before dipping a toe in advertising spending?

Good point. I think I can do translation work during next month or it can be done faster if ask 3rd party help. I need few days to check how much it can be costs.


My main goal is attract more users for dxDAO products - Mesa and Omen. I am not thinking about investors. Maybe users are future dxDAO members.


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