Ross Worker Proposal 18/8/2021-18/10/2021


My time here as a part time contributor is over … and from now on I’ll be a full time contributor to DXdao!

I handed in my notice last month at JP Morgan and managed to make my last day align with my next worker proposal start date. After attending EthCC and meeting everyone in Paris my mind was decided. I have been super happy working at DXdao and on Aqua these past few months, getting more involved has been very rewarding and I am so excited for my future working here. And I just wanted to thank everyone here (especially @Melanie and @JohnKelleher) for all the amazing support I have got over the past few months, I couldn’t be happier to be in this position and being a part of DXdao.

Now DXdao can officially claim to be taking employees from traditional finance.


  • Fully launch an official public MVP beta of Aqua (fixed price sales)
    • Stable release
    • Handle suggestions/support
    • Coordinate launching of sales (DXD, NFT marketing sales)
  • Begin fully prioritised work on fairsale mechanism integration
  • Have a well communicated message about Aqua supported by a detailed DXdocs page with branding
  • Continue taking a more full stack approach to development and encouraging the rest of the team to do so also
  • Continue learning and strengthening my knowledge of web3 development - specifically improving on my debugging ability and speed
  • ETHLisbon - I want to take a larger part in representing DXdao at our next in person event. Also of course getting to know everyone even better.


  • Balancing project management tasks as well as development tasks of Aqua
  • Leading Aqua calls and representing the project in DXdao calls
  • Aqua product direction and roadmap
  • Coordinating between different teams in DXdao for releases, sales and future work
  • Managing the project on github and developer assignment on issues
  • Taking an overall larger part in the direction of DXdao

Self Reflection on previous worker proposal:

My previous worker proposal (first after trial period) covered the time from the beginning of Martin’s compensation discussion through to now. Since then quite a lot has changed. The initial responsibilities listed focused mainly on improving my skills and implementing remaining parts of the fixed price sale MVP. However as Martin left DXdao these responsibilities and goals changed slightly to include more management focused activities as I volunteered to keep the team running. Due to my university dissertation deadline and overlapping EthCC I worked less at the beginning of the previous proposal and more towards the middle/end, balancing out to just over an average of 15 hours a week.

Did well:

  • Development - I think my main responsibilities as a developer I did well over the past 2 months. Most of my time was focused on UI development which has gone well and progressed well with MVP.
  • UI upgrade to v0.1.1 - One of the development efforts I worked on was integrating the UI with the new SC and subgraph version 0.1.1 upgrade for MVP release. These sorts of tasks are something fairly unique to the web 3 world and I feel it went fairly smoothly. It also made a large impact on the state of Aqua and progress towards MVP since it is the major version the MVP will use when launched.
  • Planning and coordinating Aqua - Since volunteering to keep Aqua going in the right direction I think I have done a good job with coordinating the team and the application. A few examples are running the daily standups, weekly planning as well as one off discussions such as the roadmap planning to prioritise future development efforts for Aqua. Recently, I have reached out to the DXvoice team to organise branding and communication for Aqua. I have also started coordinating potential sales for the Aqua MVP release (buybacks, NFT, etc).

Did ok:

  • Managing people - Aside from small development efforts I don’t have a lot of experience managing a full team and ensuring everyone is working on the correct tasks to maximise the efficiency of a team. So this is something I want to work on in the future. However, given that the Aqua team has kept moving with no major issues and we are very close to MVP release, I think I still did relatively well here.
  • Learning - I learnt a lot from starting development work on subgraph as well as developing a more in depth knowledge of how the aqua framework works (I made an architectural diagram for docs page and my own understanding). Generally, I want to learn more about subgraph and smart contract development techniques such as how to best debug issues, and will highlight this as a key goal in my next proposal.

Improve on:

  • EthCC - When I made my previous worker proposal I didn’t even know I would be going to Paris so it was certainly a sudden decision for my first conference. It was a lot of fun and I learnt a lot, however I don’t think I did a great job of introducing people to the DAO or making connections with people. I am generally a wee bit anxious and not great at talking to new people, so this is something I want to improve on to better represent DXdao at future events (basically I need to get better at shilling).


2 months


Experience level: 3

Time commitment: Full time (40 hours /week)

I’ll be away on a graduation trip with friends for 3 weekdays (29th Sep - 3rd Oct)

Salary -

1st month

  • $6000 XDAI
  • 7.65 DXD in a vesting contract continuously for two years with a one year cliff
  • 2606.6 REP

2nd month - 3 days holiday (29th-1st October)

  • $5100 ($6000*0.85) XDAI
  • 6.5 (7.65*0.85) DXD in a vesting contract continuously for two years with a one year cliff
  • 2215 (2606.6*0.85) REP

This proposal falls under the current worker compensation guidelines. Should DXdao governance approve any changes to the compensation structure that could apply to work during this scope of work, the compensation amounts in this proposal may change and be reflected in the amounts requested in the final on-chain proposal.

After this proposal I will submit a proposal to claim Eth Mainnet REP, as I haven’t yet, and currently the only REP I have is on xDai chain.

Work experience:

Daotalk - Previous proposal

Daotalk - Trial period worker proposal (Includes introduction)

4 years as a full stack web developer at JP Morgan

Won polygon NFT prize at 0xHack hackathon

A few recent larger PRs of mine for Aqua (more available on github):


Really excited to have you contributing full time to Aqua and DXdao @ross :smiley: !


Ross has done an excellent job of taking over the weekly meetings despite still being a part time worker. Most of the team is still made up of part-time workers with only me and Daniel being full-time, therefore having Ross go full time will definitely speed up development. In the future, I’m hoping that @madusha and @adamazad will also become full-timers as well.

Since those that join DXdao are biased towards action, the only management activities that would be required would be spent on coordinating with the other squads, (DXvoice, governance for the buyback, etc).


Proposal live:


Hey everyone, so I am right about halfway through my worker period so thought I would give a quick update due to all the re-prioritisation that went on.

My initial proposal focused on leading Aqua with the aim of having the MVP complete and keeping momentum into the next version. As most know Aqua has now been put to sleep temporarily to prioritise other projects in DXdao. This of course meant most of my proposal’s responsibilities and goals have changed.

In the transitioning time, we managed to get the MVP complete, tested and ready for use (in future likely for buybacks). Release Aqua MVP 0.1.1 · cryptonative-ch/aqua-interface · GitHub

A lot of my time was also spent helping test and prepare for the arbitrum redeployment which was interesting (and stressful) seeing a different application in the dao and being a part of such a big moment for us.
(And of course DXvote whale duty was fun too)

I’m now leading the newly formed DXgov dev team with @AugustoL which has been a lot of fun and I’m super excited about governance!

Some basic goals and responsibilities for the rest of the proposal are here:

  • Set up new gh organisation and manage project
  • Organise DXgovernance team and get into a regular rhythm
  • Start contributing to DXvote
  • Look into DXdao-contracts repo & contribute also
  • Develop roadmap / attack plan with Augusto
  • Start work on guilds with Zett and the rest of team

I cant wait to work with everyone in Lisbon and hopefully we can get a lot done!
(Also I will be on holiday from the 29th September - 3rd October)


Self Reflection on previous worker proposal:

I’ll split this into two main parts, Aqua and DXgov dev.


Did well:

  • Wrapped up the project with v0.1.1 release
  • Overall project direction before being put to sleep
  • Team efficiency at the end of Aqua I feel was very high and everyone was working very effectively towards our goal with good communication

Improve on:

  • Communication - With the timing of re-prioritisation happening during the swapr redeployment to arbitrum which I helped out with I feel I could have done a better job communicating what was happening with Aqua and the project in general. Since the product was not live there was no real need for it, but I think there should still be some communication around this.

DXgov dev

Did well:

  • Notion - Along with setting up meetings etc I created a notion to keep track of more project management work (message for write access)
  • DXvote load times - One of the issues I was super happy I managed to get fixed was load times in DXvote. Since it was one of the major UX issues vs alchemy getting local caching working and optimising loading to be just as good as alchemy in the best case was great.
  • Roadmap / Attack plan - Augusto and I spent a good amount of time discussing the various tasks required for gov 2.0 as well as DXvote improvements and built a roadmap from this which was shared and explained on a few calls

Did ok:

  • Team migration - I’m glad we kept the Aqua aquad but overall I think there was some transition time and I think I could have done this better
  • Took a holiday - and only checked keybase a few times a day …

Improve on:

  • So far on PM in DXvote I dont feel I’ve been able to make a super big impact on direction or long term vision, which is perhaps to be expected from a new project team, but something I want to improve on